Fortnite: Easy Guide to Find Helicopters/Choppas | Location Guide!

Thanks to Fortnite players donating their Bars, Choppas are now unvaulted for the time being --here's where to find them.


So if you’ve been playing Fortnite for a long period of time trust me you have paid a ton of gold bars so that you can unlock helicopters in the game also called as the choppas! want to know where you can find them? just keep scrolling below this article and we’ll tell you all the prime locations of the choppas, but keep in mind that these don’t come loaded with missiles so you won’t be able to deal any damage to the opponents these can only be used for self transportation or you and your team can go for a spin!

Fortnite Choppas Location:

These choppas are only confined to be found on five locations in the game that are

  • Seven Outpost 1 – In order to reach here you need to look southwest of the Greasy Grove and you’ll find a helicopter behind the main building where some trees can also be seen.
  • Seven Outpost 2 – In order to reach here you need to go up on a mountain situated northeast to the Logjam Lumberyard and you’ll find the helicopter behind the main building.


  • Seven Outpost 3 – In order to reach here you named to head northeast of the Daily bugle and you’ll find some craters there after you will see the helicopter near the western entrance.
  • Seven Outpost 4 – In order to reach her you need to go south of the condo canyon and then head east of the chonker’s speedway and you’ll find a helicopter in the middle of the outpost.
  • Seven Outpost 5 – In order to reach here you need to look out for a long winding river present west of the command cavern and you’ll be able to find a helicopter in the middle of the outpost.

Fortnite Choppa Location  Why to Go for These Helicopters?

They don’t provide a good offense and you even need to carry around fuel so that you can roam around so there may be ain’t much benefit but trust me a helicopter ride is always worth the fun so you can hop on and have a good time.


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