Genshin Impact Ultimate Guide on Barbara Hangout Event Endings & Rewards!

If you are searching for Barbara Hangout Event minute details of Genshin Impact, your search is over with this guide.

Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Guide

Genshin Impact always has something new in terms of events. They frequently launch different events. So, this time again hangout series quests are live now in the game. Players can spend quality time and can make memories with their fav characters. Furthermore, you will receive rewards for unlocking each memory. However, you may face difficulty in choosing which option to choose or opt. This guide will help you in clearing all your doubts on Genshin Impact: Barbara Hangout event endings and rewards.


Bennett Hangout Event Endings in Genshin Impact:

If you wonder about how to grab every ending of Bennet Hangout Event in Genshin Impact, just scroll down.

Bennet Hangout Ending 1 (Fruitless Anticipation)

Navigate to Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt, in order to talk to Bennett. After that opt, ‘we could just do something else instead.’ Now opt ‘how about we hang out around town?.’ Now just go through the quest in order to complete any of the available options.

Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Event

Hasty Farewell (Genshin Impact: Bennet Hangout Ending 2)

First of all, navigate to the Adventurer’s Guild and then talk to Bennett. Then just tap on ‘we could just do something else.’ After that suggest ‘how about a walk in the wild?’.At last complete the quest.

Taste Tester Royce (Bennet Hangout Ending 3)

Navigate to Find Bennett in the Adventurer’s Guild. Then say, ‘sure, let’s go on an adventure!.’ Then say, ‘I do,’ on asking about food making.’ Now collect few ingredients for Bennett. After that opt, ‘you cooked it so you can do whatever you want with it.’ Finally, complete the quest.

Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout event

Ready to Make Sacrifices (Bennet Hangout Ending 4)

First of all talk to Bennett (in Adventurer’s Guild). Then opt, ‘sure, let’s go on an adventure!’. After that say ‘I do’, on asking about the food. Now collect few ingredients. Opt for, ‘No way, you don’t owe him anything.’ Finally, complete the quest.

No Wonder It’s a Top Class Commission (Bennet Hangout Ending 5)

First of all search for Bennett at Adventurer’s Guild. Then say, ‘sure, let’s go on an adventure!.’ After that say ‘No, I usually leave.’ Now opt for, ‘Go ahead! We won’t get anywhere staring at them.’ Finally, complete the quest.

Fortunate Outcome (Bennet Hangout Ending 6)

First of all, speak with Bennett at Adventurer’s Guild. Now say to him about going on an adventure. And on asking about the food, reply as, ‘No, I usually leave right away.’ Now decode and solve the puzzle. Finally, receive the reward  (achievement), if you follow all the steps without mistakes. Finally, complete the quest.

Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Event Guide