Genshin Impact: Easy Guide to Find & Locate Bird Eggs

If you want to find Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact, then this guide is for you.


Finding Bird eggs in Genshin impact – Certainly, you guys must be a fan of the game Genshin Impact. Why not? This game has given us one of the best gameplay with numerous missions. This is what a gamer wants. So here is the guide about finding eggs in the game Genshin Impact.

Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact:

It is told that bird eggs are most valuable in the game of Geshin Impact. These eggs are of a certain cost, but definitely a lot. So now there might be a question in your mind guys. How to find it? We have a solution to every problem. These eggs are mostly found in Teyvat. For going there you can actually do adventure or teleport at once. This is certainly not the end as we have brought you more details about these eggs.

Find Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact

Things to Keep in Mind While the Search:

Before searching please do read these points once as you might something important in your quest. These eggs belong to birds, So you can expect these eggs to be lying in the nest above the ground. This means you have to look into trees, Building tops, mountain peaks, etc. If you want to spare the search then try searching in bushes, cracks in grounds, etc. Make sure you search your surroundings carefully.

Genshin Impact Bird Eggs


The one particular place where you can find eggs is Liyue. You will definitely get the eggs on the top of the mountain peak in Huanguang Stone forest. There are a few places in Mondstadt as well where you can find these eggs. We have mentioned a map as well where you can find 2+ eggs at every place.

If you are in a hurry and want to sort it out easily then try buying an egg from a person named Draff. He sells 5 eggs daily. This guy lives in spring Ville.

Use of the Bird Eggs:

These eggs are mainly used in recipes. These include Moon Pie, Fullmoon Egg, Golden Crab, and lotus see. You can also make tea break pancakes. There is a special dish called lighter than air pancakes which on eating heals an extra 15%.

Location of Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact