Genshin Impact: Guide to completing Noelle Hangout event

Help our maiden clear her doubts of becoming a knight


One of the most beloved characters of the Genshin Impact, the honorary maid Noelle is currently undergoing Chivalric Training for the Knights of Favonius. AS such the maiden has been asking for advice from various Knights, and now she needs your help.

The quest has six different endings, along with a special achievement, for completing these tasks. First to get started with Noelle’s hangout event, open up the events tab and use 2 Story Keys to begin. طريقة لعب البولينج You can earn Story Keys by completing your daily commissions.

So, here’s the guide on how to get the different endings for the hangout event. بطوله يورو 2022

Noelle Hangout Ending 1: A Cold Reception


  1. First, head to the area outside Mondstadt and find Noelle.
  2. Select “It’s okay not to be a knight.”
  3. Defeat the slimes near the wagon.
  4. Head to the Mondstadt gate.
  5. Follow them and choose “…made just for you. شعار مان سيتي
  6. Escort Alios and go back to the gate.


Noelle Hangout Ending 2: Goodbye, Miss Maid


  1. In the hangout chart, start at “Guest from Afar.”
  2. Select “It’s okay not to be a knight.”
  3. Choose “Leave it to Noelle.”
  4. Complete the quest. Pretty Simple!


Noelle Hangout Ending 3: A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength


  1. While speaking with Noelle, ask, is this “Maid-Knight attire?”
  2. Tell Noelle, “Of course, where do you want to start?”
  3. Ask her about “Maidly Duties.”
  4. Select “What you lack is strength.”
  5. Tell Noelle it’s her “lack of real-world experience.”
  6. Complete the quest.


Noelle Hangout Ending 4: A Maid Above Ground


  1. Again while speaking with Noelle, ask her, is this “Maid-Knight attire?”
  2. Ask her, “where do you want to start?”
  3. Choose “Maidly duties?”
  4. Tell her, “what you lack is strength.”
  5. Choose, “Because… you still need more strength!”


Noelle Hangout Ending 5: A Conundrum Called Love


  1. Start the Honorary Knight quest.
  2. Choose “of course…” and then “what you lack is rest.”
  3. Speak with Beatrice at the Good Hunter.
  4. Say, “it’s the thought that counts” when you can.
  5. Give some Grilled Fish to Beatrice.
  6. Talk with Beatrice at the Mondstadt gate.
  7. Go to the library and speak with Noelle.


Noelle Hangout Ending 6: Whisper of the Paper Rose


  1. From the chart start the “A Breather” quest and choose the dialogue option, “Gifts convey our intentions; we should choose carefully.”
  2. Head to the shop, and choose the bottle.
  3. Take a photo of three different spots: Cape Oath, Starsnatch Cliff (at night), and Windrose.
  4. Head back to Beatrice and choose Cape Oath.
  5. Speak with Noelle, and go to Windrose together.
  6. Tell her, “you already possess the greatest qualities of a knight.”


That’s all it folks, this is how to get different endings for this hangout quest.

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