Genshin Impact: Easy Guide to Discover Sandbearer Wood

If you want to find Sandbearer Wood and it's location in Genshin Impact, then binge this ultimate guide to dot your inexplicable doubts.

Sanbearer Wood in Genshin Impact

Have you heard about Sandbearer in Genshin impact? I am pretty sure you might have heard about it .you might have seen it in behind scenes of Dragon spines. Whatever might be the situation we have brought you another guide. This time it’s Sandbearer.

Sandbearer Wood:

Sandbearer is basically a type of tree which when cut down gives sand bearer wood. These trees are bright orange in color. It definitely gives an autumn look. They are very useful especially in making many craftable items. You can use this wood in making items in your Serenitea pot. These trees belong to strike species.

Finding Sanbearer Wood in Genshin Impact:

There are 4 areas where these trees are most spotted. They are Tianqiu Valley, Guili Plains, North of Mingyun Plains, and east of Mt. Aozang. First of all, you can find these trees anywhere. These are some common areas where you can find these trees for sure. If luck is by your day then you can find it right next to you. The best move would be to keep a track of these areas. As you know you have a in game map feature, you can pin these 4 location for better understanding.

Sanbearer Woods all Locations in Genshin Impact

Use of Sandbearer in Genshin Impact:

These woods are basically used for making items which are present in the Lique’s Aesthetics and building designs. This particular type of wood is the main ingredient for making several items in the Serenitea Pot. These are just some of the common use of wood. I can definitely tell you that there will be more use of this wood in the future. So we would suggest you keep these in your stock so that you don’t have to run around for them.


Genshin Impact, Things to Keep in Mind:

There is something that you should always keep in your mind. These trees can withstand any environmental condition hence making their woods one of the strongest in the game. Each tree you will cut will give you 3 pieces of wood. Not all Sandbearer trees are orange in color. There are some exceptions in the game as well.