Genshin Impact: Easy Guide to Rhodeia Rage Challenge

If you are going to have Rhodeia’s Rage Challenge, just read out this detailed guide once.

Genshin Impact Rhodeia Rage Challenge

After achieving 100% exploration progress in Genshin Impact, you will be able to unlock the Rhodeia Rage challenge. Choose a character wisely in order to win in Rhodeia Rage Challenge before activating the fight and follow the guide to clear this challenge. We suggest you keep an archer as your primary source of damage. You can choose Ganyu for the purpose. Characters like Albedo and Zhongli lose their strength during the challenge. Hence try to avoid characters of such geo construct.

Rhodeia Rage Challenge Details:

Here is a point-wise brief on how to complete Rhodeia’s Rage challenge.

  • Rhodeia’s Charge Attack: Use a shield or run towards the side to avoid being hurt from Rhodeia’s quick attack.
  • Rhodeia’s Bubble Bomb Attack: This attack is identified by a large water bubble that will follow you till it bursts. Try to run away from the bubble.
  • Your Turn: You will get 5 seconds of time after the bubble attack that you can wisely use to increase your stamina to dodge the upcoming attacks. Try to avoid offense in this time as much as possible.
  • Rhodeia’s Water Shots Attack: In this attack, two shots would fly towards you rapidly. Try to sprint away from these shots.
  • Rhodeia’s Backstroke: After another bubble attack, Rhodeia would make a backflip with her tail and dive into the water causing potential heave damage. So try to maintain some distance from her till she is done with this attack.

Rhodeia Rage Challenge Details

Watch for Rhodeia’s Special Moves in Rhodeia’s Rage Challenge:

After a quarter of these attacks, Rhodeia would send water beasts on you. For time being just ignore Rhodeia and defeat the water monsters. After, this,  Rhodea would step into the field and induce whirlpools in 3 parts of the field. Try to stay out of these whirlpools as they can cause heavy damage and attack Rhodeia from afar. The cycle of these attacks would continue as you move on in the game.

Rhodeia Special Moves

All you have to do is play with all your wittiness and dodge her attacks and recover your stamina.  Take chances to inflict damage to her and finally, the cycle will end once she is defeated in Rhodeia Rage Challenge. Letting the water monsters stay on the field will only cause you trouble. Thus,  whenever Rhodeia sends water monsters on you,  try to make sure that all of them are gone before Rhodeia herself steps on the field. Once you defeat her,  you will advance further in the game. Try to use the archer to cause her damage from a distance in Rhodeia Rage Challenge.

Guide to Rhodeia Rage Challenge