Easy Guide to Activate, Use Warp Points in Tunic!

In Tunic, there are total of 9 golden platform which can be used for fast travel. Read out to know how to activate and use warp points

tunic-warp points

Hello gamers, we are here to guide you regarding how players can use and activate warp points in the game Tunic. Talking about the game, there are platforms from which players can travel in a high speed to various destinations in the game. Players need to activate them. There are basically nine golden platforms for this and by the method of praying these can be activated.

Warp Points by High-Speed Travel in Tunic:

In the game, most of the experienced players may have known about the high-speed travel in the game Tunic. In order to get to a high speed, players will get warp points and can be activated anytime once obtained. This makes the gamers very easy to travel once they know how to activate them.


Fast Travel Platform:

All the warp points that the players will obtain will have a way to the central hub and from which the players can get access to all the platforms. A total of nine platforms are there, out of which only one is accessible from the fast travel hub. This will send the player into an empty area with a big sword in the middle of the arena. In order to finish the task in the area, players need to find all the three colored gems and place them in a Sealed Temple. In order to activate the other eight platforms, players need to look in the overworld or dungeons.


Players need to activate some of the warp points before they can have access to the overworld. The fast travel hub will appear in black square color if players haven’t activated them. In this case, praying before them also won’t work.

Finding Golden Platform:

To find the golden platforms, players need to go through Tunic in the Quarry, Ruined Atoll, Tower Ruins, Hidden Vault, West Garden, Eastern Vault, Great Library, and by the breach once they have collected all the three colored gems. Traveling fast in the game Tunic is limited, but helps a lot in making some of the routes to pass very easily.


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