Monster Hunter Rise: Guide to Find Dragonite Ore | Locate Hidden Places

If you are a Monster Hunter Rise player and you want to locate dragonite ore, then this guide is for you.

Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite ore

Dragonite Ore:

Dragonite Ore is one of the most important ores in Monster Hunter Rise. Though it is nothing related to the Dragon or Dragon Like creature still plays an important role in the game. It acts to be a serving medium for upgrading the cream of the crop S-rank weapons. The mineral is a legendary mineral that can be found in some particular spicy locale applied under certain conditions. This ore does not have only a fancy name but also there are a lot of fancy uses of the ore. We will discuss the ore in more detail in this article.

Where to Find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise:

The Dragonite Ore is found exclusively in place of Mining Outcrops. They are located in the Lava Caverns. If you would be able to get to the high-Rank iterations in the map,  then it would not take much time for you to find it. If you are not able to go to the higher ranks,  then you may choose to go to the lower ranks of the map. However, mining in the lower ranks holds fewer chances of getting the ore. It is less than stellar.

Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Mining Outcrops:

There will be plenty of Mining crops that you will see but finding the right one matters a lot.  You will have to go for the white mining Ougtcrops over the blue ones in order to increase the yield to a large quantity. If you increase your Geology skill level up 3, then you would be able to increase your mining yield. If you have it then you may proceed to eat the Harvester Dango.

Where to find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Mining Outcrops in Monster Hunter Rise:

Once you are prepared,  then you may go to as many Mining Outcrops as possible. You will have to follow a particular path on the map to go for mining. You will get enough time to regenerate through between run-throughs. You have to enter Area 1 then you have to take an immediate right to Area 7.

Find Monster Hunter Rise in Dragonite Ore

Start to climb the cliff and you would reach Area 9. Take the curve around northwestern cliffs to reach Area 7 and then bend up to area 11. Then finally turn right to get into Area 14. Now no one ia going to stop you from the mine through Area 13 and Area 5. After mining it all you will again find yourself at Area 4 to start the cycle over again.