Easy Guide to Unlock & Use Lightning Rods in Minecraft!!!

In Minecraft, lighting rods are one of the essentials. It is used for decorations and protecting passive mobs from lightning strikes.

Use Lightning Rods in Minecraft

Getting lightning rods in Minecraft – Hello buddy gamers. Hope you guys are doing great. We are back again with another set. This time we are going to discuss the game Minecraft. We are going to teach you guys how to Build. Yes, Build. There were many messages regarding this particular item called the lightning rod. So we have decided to address this issue. So before starting I would request you guys to stay till the last of the set as there are many important things that you guys might miss out. So without any further due let’s start.

Guide to Unlock & Use Lightning Rods in Minecraft

Lightning Rods:

These rods are very unique in the game Minecraft. These rods actually help in protecting from passive mobs of lightning strikes. You can also use it as a decoration item. Talking about lightening these rods can redirect lightning. How cool is that, isn’t it? Though lightning doesn’t strike players in the game it has adverse effects on the surrounding. If a lightning bolt strikes a creeper it creates an explosion. If they burst near a player or an establishment you know the consequences.

Minecraft, Blaze in the game:

There are some other demerits of lightning in the game as well. They can strike on pigs as well. If pigs are struck by lightning they are transformed into Zombie Pigs. Though they aren’t hostile they just simply wander around the field. If by mistake any villager gets struck by lightning then they will transform into witches, hostile mob, etc. They will definitely attack you as a player. So to avoid all these problems it is necessary to set up lightning rods at various places in your territory.


Making Lightning Rods in Minecraft:

The rods aren’t found anywhere in the game. This means you cannot find them in any biomes or chests etc. They are actually craftable items. They are usually made up of copper. You have to place 3 copper ingots vertically on the 3*3 crafting table. This will make a single rod. If you are wondering where to get the copper ingots, well you can find them from smelting copper ore. This mineral is very common in the game.


The copper ores can be found from levels y:0 to Y:96. You have a very high chance of getting the copper in the Y: 63 regions. You will need a stone pickaxe or higher to mine the copper. Hope you guys find this set useful and make a lot of lightning rods in the game. Happy Crafting!