Pokémon GO Walkthrough: How & When Can We See Sylveon | Easy Way

If you want to know when will Sylveon is going to make a came in Pokemon Go, then this guide is for you.

Sylveon in Pokemon Go

Sylveon is Coming to Pokémon Go:

Hope you guys are doing well. We gave got numerous requests on certain topics in the game pokemon go. So to keep your entire request intact we have brought you the most asked topic, Sylveon. Is it coming to Pokémon Go? Has there been any news? And many more. Let’s find out in this article.

Who is Sylveon?

This Sylveon is definitely one of the cutest Pokémon of the entire Pokémon saga. We are talking about Flowy ribbons, a Fluffy body a cute bow, etc. This is basically a Fairy-type Pokémon that was introduced in the 6th generation. This is one of the eighth evolutions of Evee. I don’t know but it is also kind of disturbing for many people. God knows why though.

Is it Coming:

Now the main question that a lot of guys have asked. Is Sylveon Coming to Pokémon Go? IF you guys know there is an event currently running in the game, The luminous Legends Y. This focuses on the dark type Pokémons. If you look to the second part of the event you will find a lot of fairy types involved in it. There you can find Sylveon finally being added to the lot.


When will Sylveon Added:

So the answer is after May 25th all the players can evolve Evee into Sylveon. You know the process right? You can refer it to one of our guides, if not then in short you can let Evee walk with you until you get hearts. If you want to try the other way then you can name your Evee Kira. This will certainly evolve onto Sylveon. But this process only works once so it’s your choice at last.


Sylveon will be Added to the Primary Pack:

It has been confirmed that Sylveon will be added to the primary version very soon. Though a date has not been told we will finally see Sylveon beside the main character. Certainly, Sylveon has got a lot of attention in few amount of time.

Syleveon in Pokemon Go