Pokémon GO: Easy Guide to Find Friends

If you want to find friends in Pokemon GO, you are no way far to do so with this guide.

friends in pokemon go

Finding Pokémon GO Friends – Can you live alone in life? Certainly, you need friends. That to a good amount of friends. We found that a lot of players found issues in making friends on the game Pokémon go. So here we are with a new guide. This time we will guide you to make new friends in the game.


Community-based Game:

Pokémon go is a community-based online game itself. You can term it as the best place to make friends and talk with them. Just imagine playing a game alone. You will get bored at a point of time. Here in this game, you get a chance to interact with people, share your thoughts, etc. This game may have prioritized real world interaction and stuff but still it remains a best platform for finding friends.

An Uncanny Meeting:

Just imagine walking down with your phone playing Pokémon GO. You got to have to go to a poke stop. And after reaching you get to meet people just like you. This can be an uncanny meeting. A simple saying of “hi” can change the whole game. You start a conversation, talk with them, share your thoughts about the game. That’s it, you got a new friend.

Adding friends:

Let’s assume you are a guy who doesn’t like face-to-face interaction much. So here is a process in which you can make friends all over the world. You have got a unique Pokémon GO trainer QR code. You can get it by following steps:

  • Go to Reddit
  • Pop to r/PokemonGoFriends
  • Find PoGo Trainer club
  • Open Pokémon go Friends Codes
  • Scan random friends

So on scanning, you can get to meet people outside your region as well.



We don’t usually make a guide on these topics but just imagine a place without friends I might not survive in that situation. Common man, I need friends to share my thoughts. whether be it real-world or mobile games hope you all understood the importance of making friends. Just be yourself make new friends, enjoy yourself with them.