How to Complete The Exhibition Challenge in Destiny 2 Easily | Vow of the Disciple

In Destiny 2, the Vow of Disciple weekly raid challenges started, you can hunt more of them. You can do that if you went through this guide.

Destiny_2_Vow of the disciple exhibition challenge

Exhibition Challenge – So, you’ve been enjoying the game Destiny 2 and the weekly challenges have started certainly, the exhibition encounter is not an easy one but certainly, there are tricks to help you easily do this wanna know how? Keep reading the article further down below. In the meanwhile don’t forgot to read more on getting Arbalest Catalyst.

Exhibition Challenge in Destiny 2:

The introduction of new weapons, as well as armor, have certainly made the game quite more entertaining for the players and you’ve got a chance of getting double rewards on encounters. But only if these have the weekly challenge enabled, So just keep in mind about checking out the raid encounter exhibition challenge as they change weekly.

These weekly challenges change every week but in the same way, but the bad part is players don’t enjoy the raid much but if you wanna get more rewards you will have to get involved in the encounters.

 Is this Exhibition Challenge Tough?

A player can kill the knight Disciple only once but getting this out of your tasklist is not that easy while indulging in the exhibition encounter.

These are the Challenges – You’ve got six players but you’ve got to battle our seven knights, so you have to skip a minimum of one knight completely. Not only this the players will have to change the artifact at the starting of each battle in order to kill the knights so in order to do this you must have a good synergy with your teams to get the double bonus rewards.


How to Complete Exhibition Challenge Easily:

So keeping an article ready to kill a knight is essential but after using this you have to pass on these to the next Player so you can preplan with the team so you’ll get and idea who’s carrying which weapon but also keep in mind of skipping a knight because you only got six players in hand to for the battle. So when all six of your teammates kill a knight they all will enjoy the double bonus.

Exhibition Challenge in Destiny 2

keep this in mind that you get a cool down for 50 seconds before getting another relic but once these challenges are done you’ll enjoy the double loot. This may not be easy to complete but you’ll get this done with a chance or two we know that as you are a good player!

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Destiny 2 Vow of Disciple Exhibition Challenge