How to Unlock Needle Arrows in Valheim | Guide & It’s Purpose

If you are wondering to craft needle arrows in Valheim and getting difficulty, Well this detailed guide will help you out.

How to craft needle arrow in valheim

Valheim has many weapons to fight with, but the easy and more reliable weapon to fight with is bows and arrows. This guide on Needle Arrows in Valheim will help you figure out the detailed things to battle with. The needle arrows can give-out many ways to deal with enemies and creatures (in the tenth Norse world). And on moving forward in the game, situations will become harsher so you need to have the needle with you.

Valheim: Needle Arrows

Although, there are almost ten types of arrows in Valheim. And this meant it deals with Pierce damage. However, some powerful arrows also help in gaining elemental damage that includes Poison, Forst, and Fire as well. Needle Arrow proves to be the strongest weapon to give Peirce damage.

Needle Arrows in Valheim:

Needle Arrows are easy to make, but it gives a hard hit. It gives the damage of 62 Pierce and 15 Knockback as well. However, if you want to prepare the recipe, you have to keep patience until you reach Plains Biome in Valheim. Moreover, this is the very last biome, you will confront.

Needle Arrows in Valheim

So, if you want to unlock needle arrows crafting, you have to kill Deathsquitos. And that will release needles, required for the needle arrows crafting. However, battling with Deathsquitos is very easy if you have such a weapon. You can shoot and kill them while they are flying towards the player.

How to Craft Needle Arrows in Valheim:

However, defeating deathsquitos gives at least 1 confirm Needle. The thing required to craft Needle Arrows in Valheim is 4 Needle and 2 Feather. Feathers can be found on killing Gulls (can be killed by a bow or throwing spear). Furthermore, players can also get it looting chests in Burial Chambers, and after cuttingBeech trees, as well as from the Black Forest biomes, and Meadows as well.

For crafting needle arrows you need to have an upgraded Level 4, workbench. 20 needles can be produced in each batch, for the good sake, you must craft as much as you can.

How to Craft Needle Arrows in Valheim

Purpose of Needle Arrows:

The main purpose of Needle Arrows is to kill the most-creatures in all biomes including Fulings. It can also be used for battling with Lox. However, players must avoid using Needle Arrows to battle with Yagluth.