How to Find & Defeat Makar the Magma Wyrm Easily | Elden Ring!

In Elden Ring if you want to get the Magma Wyrm's Scalesword, you have to defeat boss of the Ruin-Strewn Precipice. Read out this guide to know more.


Find & Defeat Makar the Magma Wyrm in Elden Ring – Hello there, gaming buddies hope you’ve been enjoying your role play in the game Elden ring and are ready to enhance the skills of your character! you ask how?

That’s by Finding and obtaining the Magma wyrm’s scale sword. want to know how to do that? keep reading the article down below to know where to find the sword and how to get it.

What’s Makar the Magma Wyrm?

There’s an additional route in the game for the people wanting to leave the Grand lift of Dectus and there’s a Dragon named as Makar the Magma Wyrm who’s job is to guard the exit of Ruin strewn Precipice.


How to Reach this Location?

The Tarnished pilgrims need to cross through the Ravine situated in the North Liurina, where you can go by going north of the sorcerer’s Isle, when you reach the end of the long George you’ll get a golden seed and also the place to enter the village of Ravine – Veiled, the one that joins the Precipice above.


This Will Help You in Fighting the Dragon.

  • you can summon your NPC upon reaching the lair of Magma wyrm’s to help you in the battle, priorly you’ll get Great Horned Tragoth but once you’ve reached advanced levels you can also get Blackguard and Millicent,but you got to choose your allies carefully as this increases the Makar’s health making it difficult for you to defeat him if your NPC get destroyed.
  • you need to get familiar with the opponent’s movement as it has a scalesword above to use for it’s slams and slash attacks. keep in mind that the smash attacks create a wave that causes damage to a great distance.
  • Don’t forget about the molten lava which can get your character literally on fire.
  • The most damaging attacks involve the charges and combos but you will get to know them before they come as the Makar’s charge it leaves a lava trail on its backs and thus you need to use your surrounding to your advantage to avoid the attacks of the dragon as you can dodge the attacks by using the central pillar.
  • Additionally, stay behind the back of the enemy to dodge most of the attacks.

There was a way to defeat Makar even without entering the boss room.

you need to jump down the Elevator Shaft that leads to the boss room at the Abandoned Coffin site of Grace but the Player will die due to the impact but the death won’t be wasted as it will start the lift making it roll up. you need to take the lift down and walk to the mist barrier and there you can use your ranged spells namely rocksling or rotten breath and you get to use your attacks through the wall and kill Makar.

Elden Ring How to Find Makar the Magma Wyrm

High-Risk High Rewards.

Upon killing you’ll get to obtain:

  • 24,000 runes.
  • A dragon heart.
  • The awaited Magma wyrm’s scalesword.
  • lastly, a curved greatsword has the Magma Guillotine weapon art.

How to Find defeat Makar

That shall be all. Hope you defeat Makar and obtain the sword in your first attempt to do so and also make sure to help your buddies get theirs as well. Do check out the other related articles on getting celebrant weapons to make your gaming experience more smooth.