How to Get Gravel Stone Seal in Elden Ring | Easy Tips!

In Elden Ring, if you want to get Gravel Stone Seal. Players must have a visit to Leyndell, Royal Capital. Follow the guide to own it.

How To Get The Gravel Stone Seal in Elden Ring

Get Gravel Stone Seal – So, you’re having fun with Elden ring and is certainly enjoying the game a lot while playing you might have come across the gravel stone seal. In this article, you’ll get to know all the ways in which how you can obtain it, keep reading down further below.

What’s the Gravel Stone Seal in Elden Ring?

You’ll get to increase 15% potency of Dragon cults such as Lannseax’s Glaive or Ancient Dragons’ Lightning strike by a secret seal named gravel stone. Its effects can be doubled by dual-wielding through NG+. This seal requires faith of 18 for being wielded in the Elden ring.


Here’s what you need.

The tarnished spellcasters will have to slay two Demigod Shardbearers namely Radahan, and Godrick in order to unlock the way to Leyndell, Royal capital, here you need to go to the road at the Fortified Manor to defeat an Elite Leyndell Knight who’ll give the Gravel stone seal once dusted.

Important Locations and Actions:

  • First, you need to cross the top of the wall in the East Capital Rampart site of the cross but keep a watch as this is guarded by horn-blowing Oracle Envoys. On the opposite side, you’ll find a tower having a lift to take you to the ground floor thereafter go to main road on the northwest and keep going southwestward till the time you reach Avenue Balcony but this is also guarded by Elden Ring Erdtree Avatar so be careful.
  • Now, take the stair taking you to the capital residence district, try not the get sniped by Leyndell archer down the street
  • At the end, you’ll find a dragon corpse climbing its wing to reach the top and you’ll see an empty area taking you to the ladder climb up to reach the west capital Rampart Grace site. find the lever and pull it to open the gates of walls surrounding the Fortified Manor
  • Go down the Rampart to the ground level and you’ll encounter two Leyndell Knights one being an archer but you got the battle out the other one having the spear welding to get the Gravel stone seal.

Elden Ring Gravel Stone Seal Location

 How to Get the Upper-Hand?

Defeating the knight can be a task due to their high DPS attacks but try first to take the archer down or make the other knight follow you to make this a fair one-on-one fight and you’ll win! you’ve got the skills.

Hope this will help you to get the Gravel stone seal and do share this with other playing friends so each one can easily get their share, also don’t forget to check out our prev article on best Frostbite Weapon in Elden Ring! keep gaming.

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