Pokemon GO Guide: How to Crave Nanab Berries | Fastest Way

Binge all the Nanab Berries in Pokemon Go with this savvy guide, easyway to grab them all.

Pokemon Go Nanab Berries

Pokemon GO is the heart-game of many players, in the game mostly the berries are used in battle, to gain +HP or having the curing ailments. Although, some of the berries added later on in the game. However, previously they were used for making PokeBlock or Poffins, more likely making Pokemon ready for battles. So, Nanab berries are one of them, the name of Nanab Berries are taken reference from banana, looking similar to a banana. Pokémon GO, has very much effective use of Nanab berries, making it worthy for you. Here’s is the detailed guide on the fastest way of getting Nanab Berries in Pokemon GO.

Guide on Nanab Berries

Purpose of Nanab Berries in Pokemon Go:

Nanab berries can be fed after catching a Pokemon to make them calm-down, it also makes them stable without jerkings after the catch, which makes it easier to catch the Pokemon. As of now for this Season of Legend, according to a special new Field Research Tasks if you can use 3 Nanab Berries to catch Magnemite (Pokemon). But you must have to bank it up (which is although an easy task), as it makes your catching easy. However, don’t use it in every wild catch, doing so could result in the shortage of Nanab Berries.

Pokemon Go Nanab Berries

Pokémon GO Guide to Get Nanab Berries:

Hopefully, inspite of so much use these Nanab berries are not limited at all. You can get it by simply playing the game. However, it can also be grabbed by clicking whirling the signs available just above PokéStops and Gyms (you can unlock this at least level 4). Although the spin also splits some other useful berries.

Nanab Berries in Pokemon Go

You can also get Nanab berries as a reward by simply leveling yourself up and progressing in the game. The very easy way to collect Nanab Berries is by performing the Certain Field Research Tasks, which provides Nananb Berries as a reward. And if you are a beginner to Pokemon GO, this may add benefit to you. As it will be easy for you to level-up on lower-level and hence will get Nanab Berries as a reward. But, if you are on the higher-level, it is somewhat difficult to get Nanab Berries.

Pokemon Go: Nanab Berries Guide