Pokemon GO: How to Beat Thundurus

Pokemon GO Thundurus

Pokemon GO Thundurus: Towards the end of March, Pokemon GO has decided to honor the coaches’ spring season with a new event schedule. This time, there is a new electric Pokemon GO event happening with all sorts of bonuses and Pokemon spawns.

One of the new things Niantic brought to the event was a new opportunity to meet Pokemon GO Thundurus, with a unique Pokemon that first appeared yesterday at 8 a.m. local time in his Incarnate Forme. Sadly, players will have the opportunity to catch Thundurus Incarnate in the next five days, which will end on March 16 at 10am local time.

The Pokemon GO Thundurus has a different kind of simulation since it last appeared on Pokemon GO. However, this helps coaches who know how to make the most of that opportunity. So for fans looking for ways to beat the Incarnate Forme Thundurus, here is a quick guide on how to beat it.

Pokemon GO Thundurus

How to beat Pokemon GO Thundurus

Similar to the Tornadus and Landorus body types in Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO Thundurus has its own unique typing as Thunder and Flying-type Pokemon. And with the Flying genre, this makes him vulnerable to Rock and the Ice genus that travels like the three boys of his nature. Fortunately, there are many Pokemon that can match this fungus.

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Other good fighting type options to beat Pokemon GO Thundurus are Rhyperior with Smack Down for quick attacks and Rock Wrecker for charged attacks; Rampardos have a Smack Down with fast attacks and Rock Slide with a charged attack; and lastly, the Terrakion with Smack Down as a quick attack and the Rock Slide attack featured.

Pokemon GO Thundurus

For Ice-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO Thundurus, there is Mamoswine with Powdery Snow as a quick attack and Avalanche of charged charge; Galarian Darmanitan with Ice Fang for quick attack and Avalanche for included attacks; Abomasnow via Powder Snow for a quick attack and a Weather Ball for a charged attack; and finally, Weaville and Ice Shard with quick attacks and Avalanche with charged attacks.

With Mega Evolutions and Shadow Pokemon GO Thundurus now in the mix, that will be chosen in addition to the first Pokemon mentioned, with the best Mega option on the Mega Abomasnow list. Personal Thundurus Formate from trainers about 1828 CP to 1911 CP.

However, in Sunny and Windy temperatures, this range can increase significantly from 2285 CP to 2389 CP. So depending on the coach’s preferences, the weather should be considered. We hope this guide helps Pokemon GO coaches put together the best team to bring down Pokemon GO Thundurus Incarnate.