Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Ditto

Pokemon GO shiny Ditto

Pokemon GO shiny Ditto: The most recent Pokemon GO event introduced all the bright Pokemon in the Kanto region, making it the first Pokemon region to have all the glorious Pokemon form in the game. Among the last regional additions is Ditto, a Plain of the purest genre.

Ditto is known in both the main games of Pokemon and the Pokemon GO for its ability to transform into the Pokemon it encounters. This can make it difficult to get Ditto in the wild because it often appears as a completely different Pokemon Pokemon GO shiny Ditto.

Luckily for the players who bought the Red Ticket or the Blue Token for the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto event, there is a way to get a guaranteed Ditto. This Pokemon GO shiny Ditto is also not uncommon, where players get a chance to experience the recently launched Ditto glossy form.

Ticket holders are able to participate in the Pokemon GO Tour: Special Kanto research activities after the start of the event. Players however are limited when the event ends, so there is no time limit compared to the event’s timed research activities.

Pokemon GO shiny Ditto

Pokemon GO shiny Ditto

There are eight complete steps for a special event research event with different rewards to complete each step. To get a meet with the glittering Pokemon GO shiny Ditto, players will need to reach and complete the seventh stage of missions. Tasks in this step require players to catch 30 Pokemon, catch 15 different types of Pokemon and pass 20 Pokemon. Next to the glamorous Ditto encounter, players will also find an attractive module with Lucky Egg to complete step seven.

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It is much easier to tell the standard Pokemon GO shiny Ditto form from the glossy form and its glossy form to a pale green compared to the standard Ditto pink. No matter how desirable a shiny Pokemon is, players should know that there is no benefit to having a shiny Pokemon with its figures and military performance not related to its appearance. Pokemon GO shiny Ditto is a simple pallet modification where some players enjoy collecting.

Pokemon GO shiny Ditto

Catching the glittering Ditto will be of great help to the players participating in the various Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Collection Challenges. This is due to the Collection Challenge challenges that require players to hold a specific Pokemon offered as a reward combination during the event. One of these Pokemon GO shiny Ditto , with which it doesn’t matter if it shines or not in this challenge. Completing this Collecting Challenge will earn players 1,510 XP, a standard Ditto combination, and three Silver Pinap Berries.

Use this guide to find Pokemon GO shiny Ditto, until then happy gaming.