Pokemon GO: Guide to Get Stardust

Pokemon GO Stardust

Pokemon GO Stardust: Of all the Pokemon GO resources that players can collect, Stardust is one of the most important. While it is usually only a good thing to sell in key games, Stardust in Pokemon GO uses a lot to help players become even stronger. Considering how important Stardust is, there are many different ways players can get it. Some methods are more effective than others, distinguishing unknown Pokemon and older players.

Extensive use of Pokemon GO Stardust enhances the power and CP of Pokemon for players. This can only be done to a certain point, depending on the level of the player. Other uses include trading money with other players, unlocking a second Pokemon attack, and clearing Shadow Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Stardust

If players are trying to get Stardust as much as possible within the session, the best thing you can do is use the Star Piece. This increases the number of Pokemon GO Stardust players who receive 50% 30 minutes after use. Players can find Star Pieces in a variety of timely and specialized research activities. They can also be purchased directly at the in-game Pokemon GO Store.

Pokemon GO Stardust

The most common way to get Pokemon GO Stardust is to just grab a Pokemon. Basic Pokemon will give players 100 Stardust when captured while a modified Pokemon will give 300 Stardust. If Pokemon is in its third phase of evolution, it will give a value of 500 Stardust. All of these fees are increased if the Pokemon are involved in climate change with the first phase giving 125, the second giving 375, and the third giving 625 if the weather conditions are right.

When a player catches his first Pokemon of the day, they will be rewarded with an additional 1,800 Stardust. If players hold the Pokemon for seven days in a row, the prize will be increased to 9,000 on the seventh day before resetting back to the first 1,800 for Pokemon GO Stardust.

Pokemon GO Stardust

Many Stardust collection methods include hatching Pokemon eggs, ending Attack Wars, and unlocking gifts from friends. Completing the field and special research activities also often provide players with Pokemon GO Stardust prizes that can be added quickly.

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Fighting can also help players get more Stardust with the many Stardust rewards available in the GO Battle League. Team members of the winning GO Rocket also help to provide a good deal of Stardust with a lot of offers depending on how powerful the enemy is. If the players beat Team GO Rocket Grunt they will get 500 Stardust, Leader will give 1,000 Pokemon GO Stardust, while Giovanni will give players 5,000 Stardust.

So go and grab Pokemon GO Stardust, until then happy gaming.