V Rising – Easy Guide to Get Papers!

If you wanna explore the most hidden and secret places in V Rising, then players will have to use these Papers. In this guide we will help you in getting it easily.


Get Papers in V Rising – If you are on the hunt for having the game’s most forbidden secrets you certainly need to get the papers, not only a few or a ton of papers, this article will help you to get the papers in the game V Rising just keep scrolling below.

Getting Papers in V Rising:

Getting papers isn’t much of a task in the game as various pieces can be found dropped here and there by some villagers. So most players don’t even care about collecting them till the time they reach to later stages of the game requiring advanced technology as the endgame research demands a ton of paper.

paper-feature-v-rising Locations for Getting Papers in V Rising:

These can easily be found in each area of the Farbane woods. But certainly, the best places to go paper farming are areas that primarily focus on paper as these areas don’t have much guards which makes them perfect for players on lower levels who are looking out for advanced information.

How-to-Get-Paper in V Rising

These Tips Might Help You:

You can use fast travel and get to waygate to go to these locations and then back to the castle but don’t be out for long periods of time as it is not safe particularly for PvP players looking for their stolen paper, so make sure that these trips are short and provide you with a good value.


Paper Crafting in V Rising:

You can easily get sawdust when you turn lumber to planks, another ingredient necessary is a plant fiber that can be found easily by chopping down plants these two are required for paper crafting and it can easily be done in the castle itself, just keep in mind that the quantities don’t remain the same on each of the servers it keeps on changing these two materials when placed in the paper press present at the castle will turn to paper.

Hope, this article helps you out in not only providing you with the means to hunt for papers but also how you can go on and craft it, don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also easily get the papers. Also, read our guide on Floors Removal in V Rising.