Persona 5 Strikers Guide – How to Make UNLIMITED Money Easily!!!

If you want to make money easily in Persona 5 Strikers then, don't worry this guide will fully help you.

How to make money in Persona 5

Persona 5 Strikers well known for the proper orientation and its presentation. This game gathers a lot of players in today’s time. So, if you move forward in the game you would have to organize crimes. And for very perfect crime operations, or metaphysical things the main thing you need is money in form of funds in Persona 5 Strikers. Players have to purchase healing things, updating equipment frequently, and many other things with funds. No one ever wondered about Phantom Theif expense. Now, this time we will explore new ways to find other ways of getting funds. Here’s the guide on how to make money easily in the game.

Existing Ways of Making Money in Persona 5 Strikers:

In the game, while going through the Jails, after winning on Shadows and looting purchasable items. Players will earn a yen (normal cash) as a steady amount. Although, if you will not escape from fights and will open up all boxes. It is quite easy to upgrade your weapons and armor for the battle of Jail’s Monarch, as you will have enough money for that. But a lot of funds are very much required to purchase limited edition items, in addition, to fuse them for new Personas. So, in order to earn more follow the guide.

How to make money in Persona 5

Persona 5 Strikers Guide to Make Money:

The very foremost required thing is that you must have 2 particular Bond skills named Treasure Hunter and Extortionist. So, first of all, the Extortionist more knowingly increases the whopping of Yen (normal cash) you receive after every battle encounter. On the other hand, Treasure Hunter enhances the spawning rate of the unique and distinctive Treasure Demons. As every time when you win on a Treasure Demon, you will earn a lot of cash as a payout. And this payout becomes higher only if you use Extortionist. And if you are in need of money, you will have to maximize their level, very soon.

Persona 5 Strikers guide on making money

Now on moving towards the rare battles, on clearing a Jail and moving, you will encounter the request of fighting Jail’s Monarch again. And this will prove as key to making money as the re-fight will go on as much as you want and you can win a good whooping amount on each winning. Although it’s less benefit-able than Treasure Demons, they are very much reliable.

Luckily, the re-quests have fixed with cash prizes as their main reward after the completion in lieu. So, this may be the other more reliable way through which you can earn instant 100 thou in Persona 5 Strikers.

Persona 5 Guide on Making Money