Mass Effect 1: Balak Choice Guide

Mass Effect 1 Balak

Mass Effect 1 Balak: Cultural ties are still very much alive in the year 2183. Or, at least, that’s a fictional guess from the developers of Mass Effect: Legendary Mass Edition. When fans think of racing in the Mass Effect trilogy, they will think of people, asari, geth, quarians, turians, and salaries. If they think of a few other things they have had a good relationship with, they may remember volus and elcor.

Perhaps it is by construction that batarians are something of a later date. Even some of the paragon statements from Shepard put down the batarians as decaying slavers. Of course, this is no reason for Ka’hairel Balak to try to eradicate the entire colony of the people. When we finally find him on the Asteroid X57 during Bring Down The Sky, players will have a choice with Mass Effect 1 Balak lasting results until the end of the game.

Mass Effect 1 Balak

Mass Effect 1 Balak Choices

Allow Balak Live

No one can say which is the best choice depending on the story because everyone will have different preferences. But it should be noted that there are more benefits associated with allowing Mass Effect 1 Balak to live than there are in eliminating Balak.

Sometimes there are options where players can get their cake and eat it again, but this is not one of them. If Balak is allowed to live, he runs away and will never be seen again. However, the kidnappers, including Kate Bowman, will survive.

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Instead of fighting Mass Effect 1 Balak, Shepard is given a short time to distribute three bombs while attacking other units Balak released while escaping.

During Mass Effect 2, the news report will cover the failed efforts made to bring Balak justice and Kate Bowman will send Shepard a letter of appreciation. After that in Mass Effect 3, Balak will descend on Shepard and point a gun at him. With some clever persuasion, Shepard can convince Mass Effect 1 Balak to join the fight against the reapers, which will help in the war effort. Otherwise, Shepard could turn the tables and kill him without a reward instead.

Mass Effect 1 Balak

Kill Balak

While there may be a few long-term rewards, killing Balak may seem like a noble goal. Kate Bowman and other scientists will die. The advantage, however, is that, after a fight with the boss, Mass Effect 1 Balak can be killed by cutting immediately after that. He has a few guards and two varren, but it is not harder than other battles before this.

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Players can also choose to arrest Mass Effect 1 Balak instead of killing him, which will give players a good mix of paragon and escape points. This would be an excellent choice for gamers who want to increase both meters. Successfully, the game will continue with future events as if Balak was killed in this way.

Mass Effect 1 Balak

Instead of a thank you note, Shepard can read about Kate Bowman’s event hosted by her father Kate while watching the news at Mass Effect 2. Apart from Balak, someone else will come in and take the reins. The driver will do what Mass Effect 1 Balak does in Mass Effect 3 and, as a previous choice, may be interviewed or killed.

This is a difficult decision by any means, even if you know what will happen next. Hopefully, this helps to clear the water, at least a little.

Use this guide to take decision whether to kill or let live Mass Effect 1 Balak, until then happy gaming.