Minecraft 1.19 Update: Find & Use Minecraft Allay | Easy Location Guide!

In Minecraft, the new update 1.19 came up with newer mob named Allay. Here's where to find and use them easily.


In the 1.19 update of Minecraft Allay has been introduced which are phantom-like creatures having a cute appearance and are non-hostile. But have some uniqueness in their abilities which make them a good aid for the player. Want to know where to find these Allay and how to use them? Keep scrolling this article below and we’ll tell you all the needed information.

Where to Find Allay in Minecraft How To Use Them

Locations of Minecraft Allay:

In the game you can go looking out for these in two specific locations which are not a biome in particular but are naturally occurring spawns that are the :

  • Woodland MansionsQuite rare structures found only in the Roofed Forest biome, there within the cobblestone cage area, you can find anywhere around zero to three Allays.
  • Pillager Outpostspecifically in the tower’s cage you can anywhere around zero to three Allays.

How to use the Minecraft Allay:

The main functions of these Allay are to get an item from you and collect similar items from the floor with the areas it can reach, supposedly you give a diamond to an Allay it will collect all the diamonds present on the ground in the area close-by but be specific as they don’t mine or break any material for the collection of an item. Moreover, if a note block is placed around Allay it will drop off all its item for the next 30 seconds. And when these 30 seconds get over it will start recollecting the items and will bring them to you.

Where to Find Allay in Minecraft

Own an Allay in Minecraft:

You can own an Allay by simply giving an item to it, by doing you won’t be able to harm the Allay as well, you can tie them with lead so that they don’t go out moving far places from you, you can also right-click on them or left trigger / L2 on console when they are bringing an item to you to make them take the item back and get another one.


It may feel like these aren’t of much use but they can aid you in collecting items from areas that are dangerous for you to reach and as the time passes by you’ll certainly feel that they are quite helpful in collecting the items.

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