Monster Hunter Rise: How to Beat Almudron

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron: Mizutsune has a rival now as Almudron has joined the Monster Hunter Rise. Both are classified as leviathans, but while Mizutsune uses foam to attack hunters, it is Almudron’s mud that players will have to deal with in the final game of Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron: How to Defeat

Prepare, Hitzones, and Weaknesses

As mentioned, Monster Hunter Rise Almudron main gimmick is the mud used to attack players. This mud can occasionally bring light to the water, so players will want to prepare for that. It will not be a big risk for players who use weapons that are less dependent on the use of force. However, to cure it players can eat a nullberry or a continuous roll.

It will take moderate bending, however, especially since both water and flip flops affect durability. Players can also define 20 water resistance with weapons or a wall to completely eliminate the damage. If players expect the mud that shakes Monster Hunter Rise Almudron’s movement to become a problem, they can use the ability to withstand the fog.

Fire and ice weapons are equally close in terms of effective combat against Monster Hunter Rise Almudron, but fire is much better. Therefore, if players have a choice, they should go with the fire. Thunderbolt and dragonflies do more for the Almudron, but it is water resistant. Depending on the nature of the disease, Almudron is resistant to eruptions and has a single star that is affected by exposure to everything other than thunderstorms, which are measured in two stars.

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron

In the case of hitzones, the head would be the best place to look for itself with a shot of the type and a blunt damage. Eliminating the damage of weapons like a long sword is effective in attacking the head, but it is not the most effective area. Players with split weapons will want to point the tip of the Monster Hunter Rise Almudron’s tail at great damage.

Tail attacks in general will result in injuries similar to head attacks. With subtle weapons, the tail tip is the second point of the blow and is tied to Monster Hunter Rise Almudron’s abdomen. The second best hitzone for Shot type damage is also the tail theme, but it has the lowest hitzones everywhere but the head.

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Fighting Almudron

The main method of Monster Hunter Rise Almudron attack with its tail. It will throw players in the mud that, unlike Jyuratodus’, they will come out with real waves. This gives hunters the opportunity to get around or use the phone bugs to cross the waves.

Being caught by the waves will push the hunters back and disrupt their movement. Some waves will bring the players back and give them a water light. There is no obvious difference between the types of waves Monster Hunter Rise Almudron uses, so it’s best to avoid them all if possible.

Sometimes Monster Hunter Rise Almudron will build platforms out of the mud, and these are safe to stand on. Sometimes it even makes huge mud pillars as it heads toward the other end of the field. Players can climb this with wirebugs the way they could get into any wall to get to Almudron.

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron

After Almudron’s massive attack, mudflats will remain on the battlefield. Like the muddy waters of Yuratodus, entering it will hinder the movement of hunters. However, during the war, Monster Hunter Rise Almudron’s tail and mouth will get a little golden glow on it. At this point, any mud that leaves behind will be very deadly. In addition to reducing the movement of hunters, it will do damage over time so that players will want to get out of the mud very quickly.

Of course, Almudron is also physically attacked. It will make a move similar to Zinogre’s when it hits the ground, followed by another. Like Zinogre, if players are attacked in the first half of this attack, they should be careful when they fall over the fence not to put themselves in the fire of the second half.

It will also use its tail to attack hunters directly, such as jumping on them or stretching out too fast to hit them. This latest move has a good track record to the extent that it looks like Monster Hunter Rise Almudron can predict hunter movement, so caution should be exercised when hunters are on the way to spot a tail. If players want to cut Almudron’s tail, they have to know that it has to be cut first.

Almudron will also occasionally start diving around the stadium. This is not a big threat, but it strengthens the players to chase it away. Sometimes he will also build a mud ball that he will catch with his tail. The construction of the mud ball will send waves as the Monster Hunter Rise Almudron rotates around the circle so when the players see you doing that, you are ready for the waves. When the Almudron has the ball, its attack on the tail will work better.

Monster Hunter Rise Almudron

Unfortunately, the aforementioned attacks are still in good shape and cause further damage, so players need to continue to be vigilant. The mud ball actually does some really good damage, but it is also very good and melee users can come up with it. The Gunners could easily use the new weakspot, however. When the Monster Hunter Rise Almudron has the ball it will also remove it at the end by striking it into a hunter, which also creates a water lamp. Hunters will warn that this attack is coming, however, so players have time to prepare for it.

Use this guide to prepare and defeat Monster Hunter Rise Almudron, until then happy gaming.