Monster Hunter Rise: How to Defeat Tobi-Kadachi

Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi

Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi: Many people have joined the Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter: World series and will see Tobi-Kadachi play the Monster Hunter Rise. However, they may be surprised at the strength of Tobi-Kadachi’s decline. That being said, here are some things to keep in mind when fighting Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter Rise.


Preparation and Weaknesses of Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi

Before the players go to fight Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi they will want to make sure they bring the right gear. As Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi uses the weather attack, players will want to have weapons that resist thunderstorms. If their excellent weapons do not have high thunder resistance then eating Dango in a thunderbolt canteen is also a good idea if possible. Unlike Monster Hunter: Earth, nullberries are not required to treat the weather lamp. Players can just roll over until it’s gone, but nullberries can definitely speed up.

As for which weapon to bring, Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi is very vulnerable to water and fire damage. Water is a very efficient substance, so if players have a good weapon for water resources, they should bring it. Tobi-Kadachi is also moderately weak from dragon and snow injuries, but players should not go out of their way to get one of these things if they do not have them.

As for the best place to attack Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi, it will be the tail. Hitzone prices fluctuate between different types of weapons so no matter what weapon is used, be it a blademaster weapon or a gunner weapon, the tail is the best place to prepare. Blocking the tail, head and neck are the second best places to hit.

Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi

If players are hoping to put the situation in Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi then poisoning is one of the best bet. In-game notes measure Tobi-Kadachi’s toxicity in three stars. Blast is also calculated by measuring the performance of two stars. One of the most important diseases when it comes to Tobi-Kadachi is waterblight.

The hunter’s letter goes straight out of its way to inform players that installing Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi with waterblight will prevent it from charging. Mudbeetles are a kind of extreme life that can be used to put water on an animal. The Shrine Cemetery, located in 10th place, and in the Flooded Forest, is located in 4th place.


Fight against Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi

As mentioned earlier, Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi is more aggressive in this than at Monster Hunter: World. His attacks are similar, however, which means he will try to escape the hunters and often hit them with his tail. This tail swipe can do a lot of damage to this, so players will want to watch whenever Tobi jumps or the tail points at them.

Sometimes Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi will jump over the wall and this time, if the players are able to deal with enough damage, they can hit it off the wall causing a collision. Generally, if you are given increased violence during this time, players will want to avoid staying in one place for too long. Listening to callouts from hunters will also help determine when the most powerful attacks will occur.

Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi

It also has one new attack in its field of comparison compared to the World where it throws degrees on players from far away, making this attack expected to be recognized. It is not the most destructive attack, but it is most effective when Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi is charged and will provide light for the weather as well. Whenever hunters suffer from a thunderstorm, they will want to get rid of it quickly because having it puts them at greater risk for panic attacks.

Like any other non-adult dragon, Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi can be caught and unlike Zinogre, shocking traps will work in him. So if players have a hard time with Tobi-Kadachi, both can use traps to injure themselves and reduce the fight, by holding them when they are at a low level of health.

Use this guide to defeat Monster Hunter Rise TobiKadachi, until then happy gaming.