Monster Hunter Rise: Easy Guide to Summon & Defeat Somnacanth

If you want to defeat Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise, then this guide is for you.

defeat-Somnacanth-in-monster hunter-rise

Beating Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise:

Monster Hunter Rise – Have you seen the movie Godzilla king of monsters? Have you ever felt to take up a fight with Godzilla? Well if so then here you can have an opportunity to beat the OG of the monsters Somnacanth.

Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise:

Basically, Somnacanth is one of the latest monsters of the game Monster Hunter Rise. Talking about Som, it is a water-based monster. It lives in water swims across large oceans. It is basically found in the frost islands, flooded forests, and lava caterns. It can put its enemies to sleep by a powder attack coming out from his neck. As it is an aquatic monster it can travel at a great speed underwater. If you are willing to hunt this creature down then make sure you always stay boosted.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Hunting:

Before fighting the mighty Som you have to keep few things in your mind. First of all, you need sleep-resistant gears. These gears will allow you to stay awake.  Secondly, you should have high defensive gears. You will also need something to restore your energy quickly. The weakness of Som is fire and thunder. So if you have any weapon regarding that then well and good. According to my suggestion, a thundering one will work just fine.

Monster Hunter Rise Defeat Somnacanth

Getting in a Fight:

Som is a quick beast so he will come to you very quickly and spray its sleeping powder. It can spit powder in various ways though. He also has a stun attack in which one of his colored shells will blast and stun you. You can actually use a Stikmink to bring Som out of the water. As it is an aquatic beast it is vulnerable outside water.


Best Places to Aim at:

The best place to attack Som is its neck. It’s large and can be aimed easily. So as his tail. They are undefended so you can definitely take a shot. You should continuously keep changing your position to tackle the sleep powder.

And then it’s expected that Somnacanth will sing-song which means he gave up.