Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Pricey Shoots

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Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots: In Monster Hunter Rise, players can acquire new weapons and battlefields by completing various applications from NPCs throughout the city. While most of these applications will allow Monster Hunter Rise players to defeat a number of enemies or gain a certain part of the beast, several require the player to get certain items placed in the game areas.

In the application for Thanksgiving Token, players were given a job by Wakana the Greengrocer for receiving 2 Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots. Upon completion of the application, players will unlock the Cornpopper Gunlance tree.

Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots

Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots

Currently, the only regional players who can get Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots are in the Shrine at the Shrine. In the region, players have the opportunity to get Pricey Shoots from various Shoot Patches scattered on the map.

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To easily track Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots locations in the Shrine Ruins, open the map, press x to open the list of icons, then press R to select special items and select Shoot Patch. In the region, there are 5 patches that players can eat.

While this may seem like a small number of players who will plow, it is important to note that the cold of the visible material is approximately 4-5 minutes. As a result, players can grow these five pieces and then continue to get any other items they need before returning to the patches when they rediscover.

Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots

It is noteworthy that there are two drops of material from Shoot Patches: Choice Shoots and Pricey Shoots. Selection shoots cost 60 Kamura Points and Pricey Shoots cost 200 each. Because Pricey Shoots are so important, the level at which players will receive items from shoot patches will be greatly reduced from Choice Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots.

One way players can increase their chances of getting Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots is to get a Leather or Leather S set from a metal cook in the village. The head, bracers, and pants of each set contain a geologist’s skill that will allow the player to accumulate extra time at both shooting points throughout the level.

Unlike most monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise, players are not required to make a Leather or Leather S set, and can easily purchase certain pieces as long as they have the required Zenny for Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots.

Making the skin set stored on the equipment loaded is always useful as there will be several situations throughout the game where players will be given the task of plowing the items related to the application.

Use this guide to get Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots, until then happy gaming.

Monster hunter Rise Pricey Shoots