NieR Replicant: Easy Guide to Farm Memory Alloy

If you want to farm memory alloy in NieR Replicant, then follow this informational guide.


NieR Replicant – If you guys remember there is a memory alloy in the game NieR replicant. So we have brought you a guide in which you can get unending memory alloy.

Shape Memory Alloy in NieR Replicant:

Now the most important question, what the hell is this memory alloy? It is basically a kind of metal that remembers its previous shape. This means whatever you do to the metal it will come back to its previous shape anyhow. The best real-life example would be joints present in the metal tubing. In the game it used in the hands and limbs of the robots. This is also used to make swords in the game. These items don’t break, which means you will have a indestructible sword.

Other Items in NieR Replicant:

One of the most regular items in making the weapons is memory alloy. But there are still some things that are mixed to form the exact alloy. Titanium Alloy is one such element. We can get the titanium alloy from the junk robots. These can be found in the Junkheap of the game. These usually have red lights in their heads.


Farming Memory Alloy:

First, you have to go to the b2 level of the junk heap. You can get into this by getting the keys from the shadow lord’s castle. After getting inside the place you have spotted a specific type of robot. P-32, these are large robots and have a box-shaped body. They have a weird wheel on the top of their head. These robots have both titanium alloy and Memory alloy. If you look closely the memory alloy is golden in color. Before going for the robots make sure you have a high-level weapon.


Unending Source:

You can term it as an unending source as there will always be scrapped robots. There are 3 large squared rooms in the junk. Every time you visit there will be at least 2 robots spawned. Once you get what you need make sure you exit the room by the nearest exit.