Outriders: How To Defeat the Vanguard Captain

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Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain: After a very popular demo, the Outriders finally released it, giving players the opportunity to test everything Enoch has to offer. Whether you were playing for a while or spending hours in a demo, you may have encountered Vanguard Captain. This is one of the first mini-boss battles in the game, and it is one of the first opportunities you will ever have to get distracted in the main quest.

Here’s what you need to know to Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain.

Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain

Where is the Vanguard Captain

You will first meet this young manager during the Reunion quest. While pursuing the goal of paving the way to the solar tower, you will encounter a damaged building. As you navigate, you will find an educational pop-up that describes distractions and opposition, which is important in the upcoming battle.

Continue through the building and you will find the most fenced area between the ruins. Here will appear the Captain of Vanguard with the most backup. See the next step for Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain below.

Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain

How to Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain

Any weapon and skill that can cause damage will work to Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain. It doesn’t stand up to any of your damage, so get the cover and start attacking. Stay away, as a large group of enemies will soon leave you dead.

However, as long as you are the captain, you can be careful not to fall. Instead, it may turn into a tiny orange orb that travels in a matter of seconds. After a few seconds, a healthy Vanguard Captain will appear. The war is back.

This is because the Vanguard Captain has a talent called From The Ashes. They will throw it away while they are still alive and, if it is not disturbed, it will be reborn in death. Looks like there’s no limit to this, so you need to challenge it.

Similarly, the Captain may also have the ability to Healing Light, which enables them to restore life throughout the war in Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain.

Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain

How to Prevent It from Ashes and Healing Light

To prevent the Vanguard Captain from successfully releasing From the Ashes or Healing Light, you need to block him with your skills. Not all skills can be disruptive, but you can check this in the Skills tab. Move on to the top of the skill and you will see the disruption listed between the types of damage.

Now that you know what your skills might be in Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain, you need to make sure you only use them when Vanguard Captain broadcasts The Ashes or Healing Light. This is obvious because the bar appears above their head with the name of the skill next to it.

Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain

When Captain Vanguard uses one of these skills, throw your ability to distract. It’s best to have two or more distraction skills assigned at the same time, as the Captain may try to install them again before your skill can be renewed.

Keep doing this to prevent Captain Vanguard from using it successfully from The Ashes or Healing Light. Deal with the damage between using your guns and other skills until you Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain.

Use this guide to Outriders Defeat Vanguard Captain, until then happy gaming.