Outriders: Drop Pod Resources Guide

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Outriders Drop Pod Resources are the last game money available once you’ve completed a major Outriders campaign. Drop Pod resources are a rare feat that can only be achieved by completing Expeditions, a time-tested task that opens once you’ve hit the game.

These items are incredibly important for the purchase of powerful weapons and armor and are required to participate in the highest Challenge Campaigns. Here’s what you need to know about farming and using Outriders Drop Pod Resources.


What Outriders Drop Pod Resources Are Made For?

Outriders Drop Pod Resources are a way to earn money after completing a campaign. Drop Pod’s equipment has two uses: buying gear at Tiago, and accessing a specific trip.

Tiago becomes a salesman once you finish the story. You can be found sitting next to Bailey in any camp and offer a variety of gear that can only be purchased with Outriders Drop Pod Resources. His conversation may be somewhat misleading, but all you have to do is select the “OK. Then allow road” option. This will open his unique store.

Outriders Drop Pod Resources

The Tiago’s offer two types of gears: standard and high-speed. Normal gear will always reach the level of your normal items, or you will often find improvements to any of the spaces you wear that are not used. All the gears in his regular store (except for pistols) cost the same amount of Outriders Drop Pod Resources, which goes up with each level you go up. Use these items to fill when you have a piece that has fallen too far behind.

The elite store is full of famous weapons and armor. This gear is set at a fixed price of 3,616 Outriders Drop Pod Resources until you complete the Challenge Tier 10 Expedition. At that point, the gear will go up from level 45 to level 46 and the price will go up to 6,176. For this reason, it’s best to buy any fairy tale with models you want to unlock before completing the Tier 10 Expedition for the first time.

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Another use of Drop Pod Resources is access to the last four Expeditions. While Random Expeditions are free, the most challenging Expeditions will cost a certain amount of Outriders Drop Pod Resources each time you use them. The first paid Expedition you will be able to call is called The Drought Palace.

This tour only opens after completing your first Challenge Tier 4 and costs 60 Drop Pod Resources. The Colosseum opens in Challenge Tier 8, the Scorched Lands unlock in Challenge Tier 12, and the final mission, Eye of Storm, opens in Challenge Tier 15. You will need to use Outriders Drop Pod Resources every time you do this. Expeditions are different, so make sure you keep at least 60 of these devices.

Outriders Drop Pod Resources

How Do You Get Outriders Drop Pod Resources?

There are two ways to get Drop Pod Resources: earn by completing trips and trading with dealers. Each time you complete an Expedition, you will be rewarded with a certain number of Outriders Drop Pod Resources. The amount you will get scales based on your current Challenge Tier Expedition and the highest Challenge Tier you have already received.

Therefore, completing Expeditions in the highest Challenge Tier will earn you the highest amount of Outriders Drop Pod Resources. You easily acquire additional resources by laying down Challenge Tier to Tier 1 and quickly using one of the short Expeditions like Boom Town and Stargrave. Remember, however, that your completion time does not matter, while your Challenge Level is.

Another way to get Outriders Drop Pod Resources is to trade with retailers. There are two vendors you will need to trade with in order to produce Drop Pod Tools this way, but luckily they are always close by. First, visit Baley and sell any unused gears you have with a machete. After that you can sell Bailey all your titanium debris. Bailey will supply you with five titanium in exchange for 1,625 pieces.

Next, visit Tiago and click on the “Sell” tab. Here you can sell your Tiago titanium Drop Pod Resources at a rate of one titanium for two Drop Pod resources. If you hold “D” or right in the left stack you can purchase Outriders Drop Pod Resources with more stacks.

Outriders Drop Pod Resources

The popular farming method of Outriders Drop Pod Resources includes using short Expeditions like Boom Town in a very low Challenge Tier. While you will only earn a small amount of Drop Pod Resources resources to complete this route (in another 25 locations), you will collect 10-20 pieces of gear quickly and easily.

Selling all gears from a single run should distract you between 25k-50k pieces, which can be sold to Bailey for 80-160 titanium. After that, titanium can be sold at Tiago for anywhere between 160-320 Drop Pod Resources. Until you are able to properly cultivate the very advanced Challenge Tier Expeditions, this is the fastest way to get Outriders Drop Pod Resources. This will allow you to buy at least one item from Tiago’s store after every Expedition, or the most popular item after 9-13 Expeditions.

Use this guide to get Outriders Drop Pod Resources, until then happy gaming.