Outriders: Easy Guide to Unlock Titanium

If you crave to farm Titanium in Outriders, then this guide is for you.

Outriders Guide to get Titanium

Titanium is not only a fancy name in Outriders but it has a lot of uses in the game. Titanium is one of the three main crafting materials in the game including Iron and Leather. Titanium is different from the other two materials with respect to it ls availability and value. Leather and Iron can be easily obtained when you dismantle any item in outriders and their occurrence with each item is much frequent.

However,  Titanium can only be obtained from the best of best parts and does not occur very frequently, in Outriders. If you want to get Titanium from any item, then you will have to make sure that the item is of Epic or legendary grade. If the items are any grade lower than these two,  then it would be difficult to get any titanium from them. Titanium is used in the game to upgrade weapons and armor to Legendary grade, so try to gather as much of this material as you can.

How to get Titanium in Outriders

How to get Titanium in Outriders:

The easiest and the basic method of obtaining Titanium is to dismantle items of Epic or Legendary grade. However,  you can also buy Titanium from Bailey, the NPC in camp. You would be charged a few amounts of scrap in exchange for Titanium. It would cost you approximately 1625 Scrap for 5 Titanium. Gather as much scrap as you can and buy the material in bulk.

Outriders Guide to get Titanium

Some Temptations Need to be Buried:

You can actually make use of the rare stuff that you have collected in the game. They are tempting and you would definitely want to keep them thinking to use them in the future. However, you could better dismantle it and get Titanium from them instead of keeping them in the bag for nothing.

Temptations in Outriders

A few More Ways in Outriders:

The other ways of getting Titanium include World Tiers. When your World Tier is increased up to a level, then you will be able to get payments. You may also receive Titanium at certain levels in the game. You will also increase the chances of finding Titanium in the wild after reaching high World Tiers.

World Tier in Outriders

Though there will be a low probability of Titanium occurring in chests and ore deposits, still you will be able to find them. Strong enemies in higher World Tiers may drop Titanium when killed. So, improve your skills enough so that you would be able to kill enemies of high World Tiers to acquire Titanium upon their defeat.