Outriders: Guide to Maximize World Tier | Easy Tricks

If you want a guidance on increasing your World Tier in Outriders, this guide will help you in every possible way.

World Tier Outriders

Outriders – With each new innovation in gaming, it’s becoming more comfortable and accessible for everyone to play a game. You can now customize your requirements inside your game. Outriders have a facility of World Tier in which you can set the difficulty of your game according to your need. All you have to do ia to put in some extra effort to ramp things up. You can increase the World Tier and avail the benefits. Here is how you should do it. However, you may also like, to get infinite ammo in Outriders.

Level of Difficulty Indicator:

World Tier is an indicator of the difficulty level in Outriders. The more World Tier you have the more will be the difficulty level of the game. If you feel it difficult to play in the higher ones, then you can opt to reduce your World Tier. Now you would be wondering why would someone like to increase the World Tier.

How to increase world Tier in Outriders

Well, not only increases the level of difficulty but also increases your frequency and chances to unlock rarity items. If the World Tier is low,  then you will not get cool drops as easily as compared to when high. If you are good with difficulty levels,  then you may set the World tiers for automatic increment. It will increase your World Tier each time you unlock one.

How to Increase World Tier in Outriders:

World Tier level can be a check on a bar known as the World Tier Experience bar. This indicator is separate from the character’s experience bar. Your World Tier can be increased when you kill your enemies. Some of the experience and some World Tier would increase in both the indicators. When you will get killed during combat, some of your World Tier would decrease. You may assume it to be a penalty for losing or making the game easier according to your comfort.
Outriders Guide to increase world tier

Benefits of  World Tiers:

You would find a total of 15 World Tiers levels in the game. This starts from “Story” which has 2 modifiers to enemy and item drop levels. It has 80% loot rarity modifier and no bonus to Legendary quality items dropped. The 15th Tier ia ” Madness” has a +12 modifier to the enemy and item drop levels. It has 500% loot rarity with 425% bonus to legendary drop rates. If you want to increase your level to 15 Tiers then go on killing like assassins without losing and it would take you to that level.

tips to increase world tier in outriders