Persona 5 Guide: All Possible Ways to Heal all the Time in Game

This guide on Persona 5: Strikers will help you in healing yourself all the time in between the game.

Persona 5 Guide to heal all time

While you are playing Persona 5 Strikers, it is obvious that you will get hurt or tired while combat and fights and for a smooth and fast running of the game. You would have to do all possible sort of things to restore your health. So,  here we are with a couple of tips and tricks on how you can restore your health or heal in the game.

Persona Skills in Persona 5:

You can heal mainly through your Persona. You should have a Persona on the list who is very good at healing. Switching Personas in Persona 5 will increase your health relatively faster. You can also depend on your teammates for casting a spell to heal you. In such cases, Mona and Sophie can be very useful. This will help you to concentrate more on fighting the enemies rather than healing.

Persona 5 How to Heal


Oracle is an inactive member of the group and she is best known to give moral support to the players. She can support you in battles too. However, it all depends on her as to when she is going to cast which spell on you. It may also happen that instead of healing, you will lose your health. So, we cannot reply on Oracle all the time however it is better to keep her on the team.

Auto Recover:

You can use the auto recover option while you are in jail to spell a healing cast on your entire team. However, doing so would use your SP. If you are not willing to spend your SP, then you better look for another option.

Persona 5 Auto Recovery Tips

Recovery Items:

There are a lot of dishes that you can cook yourself to retain HP. You can also use the Sophie Store or the Metaverse Medic Bond Skill to increase your skill.

Persona 5, Bond Skills:

There are plenty of bond skills that will increase as you upgrade your bond skills. The bonds will help you to enable to level up your skills and the proper combination of the skills will let you be safe and sound for a long time.

If you follow these steps then you will be able to get your health back in the game as soon as possible and can play the game soon enough. There are tons of ways where you can help yourself in slowing down the loss of your health.

Persona 5 Healing Tips