Pokémon Brilliant Diamond: Easy Guide to get a Lot of Expensive Item!!!

If you want to get free pickup items and a hell lot of expensive things in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, then buckle up yourself to get the details.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Easy Guide to get a Lot of Expensive Item

Hey guys, hope you are doing great. This Pokémon season is rather harsh and tough. We have found out a lot of guys who wanted guides on Pokémon Brilliant Diamond. So here we are with a brand new Guide. This time we are going to look after all the expensive parts. In this, we are going to discuss all the expensive items. So stay tuned.

Guide to get a Lot of Expensive Item in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

The Pickup Ability:

If you are a good Pokémon player then you might have noticed that pickup is one hell of rare ability. In this, the Pokémon can pick up all the items that an enemy Pokémon is carrying in the battle. How cool isn’t it? You can also pick up things while you are walking randomly. So now coming to the main question, why mention this ability now. If you see in the game Pokémon   Brilliant diamond you can actually pickup a lot of expensive stuff once you have reached level 20-30.

These include full heaths, nuggets, pp ups, stat herbs, and even rare candies. If it’s your day you might find an Evolution stone as well. For this everything that you need is a Pokémonwith a pickup option in your team.

Earning Free Pickup Items in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond:

See this might look cool but many people have messed in this part as well. These include using the wrong Pokémon, picking up wrong items, etc. So better don’t be that guy. So first let’s talk about that pickup Pokémon of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Pachirisu is my go-to Pokémon for pickup. It can be found easily on route 205. Once you get this Pokémon you have to get it to level 20. The good thing about these Pokémon is that they don’t need anyone to lead them. Now if your Pachirisu is new it may not pickup items. So keep that in mind.


Random Pickups:

Let say you didn’t find a Pachirisu or you were having a bad day. Still, you don’t need to worry, because we made a list of items that will be found randomly while roaming around.

  • Shiny Stone
  • Dawn Stone
  • Dusk Stone
  • Leftovers
  • Poke doll
  • Super Repel
  • Full Heal
  • Revive
  • Nugget
  • Max Repel
  • Max Potion
  • Max Revive
  • Ether
  • Hyper Potion
  • Destiny Knot (VERY Important Held-Item for breeding competitive Pokemon)
  • Power Herb
  • White Herb
  • Mental Herb
  • PP Up
  • Rare Candy
  • Max Ether


I think after getting these many items your day won’t go bad either. Whatever this was just a failsafe just in case. You may also like to read more about guide to catch Shaymin in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl.