Looking for Shiny Pokémon? Let’s find it How: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

If you want to increase your chances of finding more Shiny Pokemon, then have sometime to read it out.

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shinning Pearl

Getting Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond – Hello to my fellow Pokémon enthusiasts. We are back with another guide covering another topic. This time we are going to get a bit racist. We are going to help you to find shiny Pokémon. We got numerous requests for this one especially. So finally we have it. So before starting, just a reminder to stay till the last of the set as there are many important points. Let’s start.

Shiny Pokémon:

So everyone might be wondering what the hell is this shiny Pokémon. So here goes, These Pokémon’s are actually worth it. This means they are like an investment. These Pokémon will stick to you till the last of the game. It is seen that these Pokémon’s have got such a craze that fans reset their Nintendo switch to get a shiny starter Pokémon.

how to get more shiny pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

If you are a normal player then it is a dream for you guys. For a shiny Pokémon, you need at least 50+ hours of playtime. The ratio is 1:4096 of seeing a shiny Pokémon in the game. By chance you came across a shiny Pokémon it is really difficult to spot them. So you need very keen eyes for that. So below we have found out some methods. Let’s discuss those.

By Breeding:

For breeding, you require a shiny badge. You will get this by trading Pokémon’s from different countries. These are of two types:

  • If you breed Pokémon from a different language then the ratio drops to 1:683 in seeing /getting a shiny Pokémon.
  • If you breed Pokémon from another language while having a shiny badge, it will drop the chances to 1:512.

Now for collecting a shiny badge you have to collect every Pokémon in Pokedex.

By Using Diglett Energy:

You might have come across Diglett in many junctions or pathways. You will have to run from then rather than fight. You will find Diglett energy lying around. Each  Diglett energy is 1 point and Dugtrio energy is 3 points. Once you collect 40 points you will get a timed bonus. There you can get a shiny pokemon as the odds go to 1:4096.


By Poke Radar Chain Bonus:

There is a feature called poke radar. Using that you can hunt Specific Pokémon. So you will have to hunt a shiny Pokémon in tall grass. This will chain a reaction and you will get a chain bonus. If you get a chain bonus of then there is a lot of chance of getting a shiny Pokémon.

Chain Bonus ## Shiny Rate Increase
0 1-in-4096
1 1-in-3855
2 1-in-3640
3 1-in-3449
4 1-in-3277
5 1-in-3121
6 1-in-2979
7 1-in-2849
8 1-in-2731
9 1-in-2621
10 1-in-2521
11 1-in-2427
12 1-in-2341
13 1-in-2259
14 1-in-2185
15 1-in-2114
16 1-in-2048
17 1-in-1986
18 1-in-1927
19 1-in-1872
20 1-in-1820
21 1-in-1771
22 1-in-1724
23 1-in-1680
24 1-in-1638
25 1-in-1598
26 1-in-1560
27 1-in-1524
28 1-in-1489
29 1-in-1456
30 1-in-1310
31 1-in-1285
32 1-in-1260
33 1-in-1236
34 1-in-1213
35 1-in-1192
36 1-in-993
37 1-in-799
38 1-in-400
39 1-in-200
40+ 1-in-99