How to Find Alolan Golem in Pokémon GO

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Pokemon GO Alolan Golem: The mobile game Pokémon GO briefly introduced the first Pokémon seen in the main series. One exciting addition to Pokémon GO was the addition of Pokémon from the Alolan region.

The Alolan region was first introduced to the Pokemon Sun and Moon, and has produced the most Pokémon ever seen before, but with a unique twist. These types of circuits had different looks, different travel sets, and sometimes different types.

One of these Alolan variants is the Pokemon GO Alolan Golem. The Alolan Golem is called the Golem when the players hold it, but it looks different from the normal Golem, the sport face, the bushy eyebrows, and the magnetic field on its back.

It can use this cannon to shoot rock that causes electric shock. In fact, that is one of the biggest differences in Alolan’s Golem division: it is a rock of two types and electric instead of rock and type of soil. With so many Pokémon in the game, finding the Pokemon GO Alolan Golem can be a challenge.

Pokemon GO Alolan Golem

Finding Pokemon GO Alolan Golem

Fans of the series know that Golem is Geodude’s final ending. It is possible to find Geodudes out in the wild. Pokemon GO Alolan Golem has shiny black rocks above its head that mimic the appearance of hair, as well as bushy eyebrows. If they catch one of these, they have to turn it into a Graveler and then make a different Alolan Golem.

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In the main series of Pokémon games, players will need to trade Graveler for another player to turn it into a Pokemon GO Alolan Golem. Fortunately, this is not the case here. Instead, players need 25 Geodude candy to turn Geodude into a Graveler, and then an extra 100 candy to turn Graveler into a Golem. Fortunately, the standard variants with Alolan share the same type of candy, so it’s easier to combine the required sweets.

Pokemon GO Alolan Golem

You may have found Alolan Golems in the wild too, but that is very rare. The climate in Pokémon GO is the cause of which species of Pokémon emerge. Being a rock and electric type, the Pokemon GO Alolan Golem often appear in cloudy or rainy weather. So it might be wise for those looking for an Alolan Golem to bring an umbrella.

Some tricks to find the Pokemon GO Alolan Golem or its earlier appearance are frozen. Specifically, players will want to look at 7km eggs, because they sometimes contain Alolan Geodudes. Unfortunately, like most Pokémon GO, this is based on luck.

Pokemon GO Alolan Golem

The player can also find Pokemon GO Alolan Golem or previous appearances during an attack, and sometimes there are special events that will make them appear more often.

Use this guide to find Pokemon GO Alolan Golem, until then happy gaming.