Pokemon GO: Easy Goomy Catching Guide

If you want to grab the opportunity to catch Goomy in Pokemon Go, then this guide is for you.


Catch Goomy in Pokemon Go – So we are back again with another guide. This time it’s Goomy. So we have written all the steps by which you can get Goomy.

Goomy in Pokemon GO:

Have you ever noticed there are many Pokémon with the same figure, structure, and color? For example, Pokémon like Ditto, Grimer, Gulpin, Solosis all look the same. They all are bubbly. But still, amateur fans find out a way to distinguish them. Goomy here is a bubbly dragon-type Pokémon. Further, it evolves into Sliggoo. This Pokémon is kind of slimy and has beady eyes. It is basically purple in color.

Luminous Legend X Event in Pokemon GO:

Catching this Pokémon is under an event. It is called a luminous legend event. This event has started from May 4 and will run till May 17. In this Goomy, Swirlix and Spritzee will be added to your Pokedex. In this event, the star Pokémon will be a legendary Pokémon called Xerneas. So the spawning rate of both legendary and dragon-type Pokémon will increase during this period. You can find all these Pokémon easily but tracking Goomy might be a bit difficult.

Catch Goomy in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Goomy’s Location:

We have found out that Goomy will be only appearing in the wild regions. You cannot find any eggs or research during this period. I guess it won’t be a problem as the spawning rates will be increased. A point to remember is that you can find the dragon-type Pokémon in the groves.

Goomy in Pokemon Go

 Catching Goomy:

For getting Goomy you have to start a standard procedure at your local Pokestop. You also have to look out of your time to find Goomy. This method is not 100 percent legit though. There is a chance if you try the Rainy lure module.  In this, you have to change the weather to rainy. This will attract all the bug-type Pokémon. The good part in here is Goomy also likes the rain. As there isn’t any legit technique we suggest you try all of them. At last, it is your luck.

how to catch goomy in Pokemon Go