Pokémon GO: Easy Guide to Evolve Spritzee

If you want to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon Go, then follow this guide in every possible way.

Pokemon Go Evolve Spritzee

Pokemon Go Evolving Spritzee – Hope you guys are doing well. So we are back again with another guide on how to evolve Spritzee in Pokémon Go. Just hang on tight and make sure you guys follow each and every step to evolve this beautiful Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Spritzee

Pokemon Go Spritzee:

Have you guys ever noticed Pokémons are of every possible shape that is present in the world? For example, there is a spherical Pokémon, cylindrical Pokémon, Rhombus Pokémon, Quadrilateral Pokémon, etc. So we are here discussing a particular Pokémon called as Spritzee. She is a cross between a perfume bottle and a bird. She is also a mixture of Plague doctors which is added to give a weird aftertaste. This particular Pokémon is attracted towards the sweet smell.

How to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon Go


This Pokémon is actually an evolved form of Spritzee. It has been seen that if Spritzee is traded by holding a sachet of aromatherapy in the hand she turns into Aromatisse. So there must be a question in you guys’ minds, what is the hell is aromatherapy? Well, we have an answer for that as well. Aromatherapy is a bag containing aromatic potpourri. This is used to scent dresses or costumes etc. But there is no sachet in the game though.

Evolving Spritzee in Pokemon GO:

Just like other pokemon Spritzee will also evolve at a particular point of time. For that, you have to activate all kinds of lure modules for Spritzee. For this, you will need incense. This will be continuously running so that a sweet smell would be around the pokemon. You will also need 50 Spritzee candies. As usual, you have to obtain it by spending some time with your pokemon like walking around or catching another Spritzee.

Things to Remember:

Finally, if you have collected all the important things then you have brought your Pokémon and then activate the incense. After that, you have to open her page and press the evolve button.

Incense isn’t a thing that you can find everywhere. For that, you have to wait for some major spawning event. These things can’t be found in the shop. So meanwhile try evolving some other Pokémons.Spritzee Aromatisse in Pokemon Go