Pokémon Go: Easy Guide to Summon and Defeat Giovanni

If you want to beat Giovanni in pokemon go, then binge this best-ever guide.

Giovanni in pokemon go

Pokemon Go – If you have played the game Pokémon go then certainly you might have faced Giovanni. Don’t you guys feel he is one of the most dangerous opponents in the game? If this is so then we have brought you a guide on how to beat Giovanni.

Giovanni in Pokemon Go:

He is one of the most dangerous criminals in Pokémon history. Both in the game and anime is the most intimidating man in the Pokémon universe. He is very charismatic and a goal-oriented person. Though he is a villain let’s not forget he is one of the most ruthless Pokémon trainers. This is because he knows what he wants and always finds out a way to get the thing. He solely focuses all his bad habits in the training. That’s why his Pokémon is awesome.

Giovanni’s Line up:

Like every trainer, he also has some shortcomings. To know his weakness let’s throw some light on his lineup. Giovanni always appears with the same lineup. They are as follows.

  • Persian
  • Kangaskhan
  • Nidoking
  • Garchomp
  • Shadow Moltres

how to defeat Giovanni

This is the lineup of Giovanni. Looking at the lineup you should bring a fighting type, an ice type, and a water type at least.

Beating Giovanni in Pokemon Go:

Let’s see it in a detailed manner. We all know that Persian is a normal type of pokemon. So you can target it first with a strong type Pokémon such as Machamp or Conkeldurr. Kangaskahn is also a normal type Pokémon. So you have an upper hand here. If you play your bets wisely you can earn the first round. Until and unless Giovanni does something unexpected.

Giovanni in pokemon go

Place Your Bets Carefully:

The first round seems to be very easy, now the most dangerous round. Here Gio will bring his poison ground and dragon ground type Pokémon, Nidoking, and Garchomp. These pokemon are weak against the ice type Pokémon. Mamoswine should be your choice as it can beat them easily. So if you successfully beat him in this round you will have to face the mighty Shadow Moltress. You should definitely use Blastoise to counter it.  If you have a rock-type Pokémon you can use that too. After all, it’s upon you at last.