Pokémon GO: Easy Guide to Summon & Defeat Sierra

If you want to beat Sierra in Pokemon GO, have a look into this guide.

pokemon go beat sierra

Beating Sierra in Pokémon Go – Hello guys, Hope you all doing well. Certainly, this covid wave has changed the world a lot. But the gamers seem to have a lot of free time for their favorite game. Pokémon go is one of the most famous games in the lineup. Whatever may be the situation we are always ready to bring more exciting guides and information about your favorite games. This time it’s about beating the mighty Sierra in Pokémon go.



The mighty Sierra is one of the most powerful trainers in Pokémon go. Her team is unknown to us but we believe she might be a part of team galactic or Team Plasma. She has a mighty Lightning Bolt Motiff as her companion. Let me be clear she is serious business.

Pokemon Go Sierra

Sierra Lineup:

Though we don’t know about her group we have managed to find out her lineup. It seems she always brings the same lineup with her like Arlo and Cliff. She always throws the first round. Then she returns with her mighty Pokémon’s that. So her line up is

  • Carvanah
  • Hippowdon, PorygonZ, Mismagius
  • Houndoom, Flygon, Walrein

Bearing Sierra:

She always starts her fight with Carvanah. It is a water-type dark pokemon. So if you want to win the first round you have to use an Electric-type or a fighting-type Pokémon. To be recise you can use Machamp or Therian. Then you just have to attack and counter the moves wisely. In round 2 she will use Hippowdon which is a ground-type Pokémon, you can use grass or water-type Pokémon. If she brings PorygonZ then you needn’t worry as you have Machamp in the first he can handle it well. And for Mismagius which is a ghost type you can use a ghost you can use as well.


The Final Show-Down:

So if you have finally managed to beat her in both rounds she will bring out Houndoom which is a dark fire type. You can use a water type. If you use an ice type you can beat Flygon as well. Walrein can be beaten by a grass type if you don’t have one then ice type will do fine.