Pokémon GO: Easy Guide to the Mega Altaria Raid

Here is the Mega Altaria Raid in Pokemon GO guide, if you want a smooth experience have a look.

Pokemon Go Mega Altaria Raid Guide

Mega Altaria raid Guide in Pokémon Go – Well, you guys must have been doing good. We always try to bring you some important tips and tricks, guides, walkthroughs, etc. So this time we have brought a guide on Mega Altaria. So hope you guys find it interesting.

Mega Altaria in Pokemon GO:

Mega Altaria is actually a Pokémon. It is a dragon/fairy mixed type pokemon. If you wonder why we have brought a guide on this, then we would suggest you to go and find about Mega Altaria.  I bet you won’t find anything on this Pokémon in the Pokedex. This is because both the dragon type and fairy type are opposite to each other. It seems our friend is a unique one. This Pokémon is fluffy and looks like a behemoth.

Mega Altaria’s History:

It seems that this Pokémon in Pokemon GO is an evolved form of Swablue. This is possible under the tremendous adaptability of the Pokémon as it is rare. Soon after this the gaming giant Niantic decided to add this Pokémon to the game. They have also added it to a mega raid.

Pokemon Go Mega Altaria Raids

Mega Altaria’s Characteristics:

As we have talked about her appearance and stuff let’s put some light on her strength and weakness. This Pokémon is resistant to dragon, bug, fighting, water, grass, electric, dark, and fire type Pokémon. This Pokémon is weak against fairy, ice, poison, and steel type Pokémon’s. This Pokémon’s moves are Dragon breath, peck, dragon pulse, dazzling gleam, and sky attack.


Pokemon Go Mega Altaria Raid Guide:

If you are thinking to fight it with a dragon type then keep in mind it is a fairy type as well. So try for steel type. Try Meta gross as it is one of the best steel type Pokémon. Meta gross can take every move in Altaria’s arsenal. Mega Gengar can also be your go-to Pokémon as it doesn’t have any weakness against Altaria. Being a poison type Pokémon it can counter it fairy attacks as well. If by chance you fail by both of them you always have Mamoswine. It is a Ice type and can give a lot of damage to Altaria.