Pokémon GO: Easy Guide to Unlock Regirock

If you want to get Regirock in Pokemon Go, then this guide is for you.


Getting Regirock in Pokémon Go – Talking about Pokémon’s, there might be a Pokémon that one or the other might find an issue in catching. May it be a fighting type or a water type or a Flying-type? There are Pokémon that are very difficult to get. One of them is Regirock. So we have brought you a guide to catch this Pokémon.

Regirock in Pokemon Go:

This Pokémon is a hell of a being. You can call it as an anomaly. This Pokémon is completely made up of stones. It doesn’t have a brain or a nervous system. This Pokémon is a complete mystery. There isn’t much to write about it in the Pokedex as well. So let’s find out more about this Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Getting Regirock:

First of all, this pokemon is a complete rock-type Pokémon. This Pokémon belongs to the group of Registeel, Regice, etc. So if you want to get this Pokémon then you have to complete all the raids of this month. The entire three Regi trio will be appearing in the raids of this month. This raid event will go on till June 17. So for battling it you have to know its strengths and weaknesses.


Pokemon Go Regirock Moves:

Being a rock type this Pokémon is vulnerable to all the steel type, Ground-type, fighting type, water type, and grass type Pokémons. This Pokémon can resist all the normal types, poison types, and Flying-type and fire-type Pokémons. Some of Regirock’s moves are rock throw, Rock Smash, Lock-on. Its main moves are Stone Edge, Focus Blast, Zap cannon.


Things to Remember:

So if you are planning to pick up a fight with this Pokémon then there are some things that you have to keep in mind. Don’t pick a fighting type as this Pokémon has some moves that can be disastrous for the fighting-type Pokémon. A steel type and a grass type could be the best choice for this kind of Pokémon. Make sure if you choosing a grass type then it should be as strong as Venasaur. As it is a rock type you will have to try hard to pierce its defense.