Pokémon GO: Guide to Unlock Mienfoo | Easy Tips & Tricks

If you want to get Mienfoo in Pokemon GO, then read-out our informative detailed guide.


Getting Mienfoo in Pokemon Go – Hola amigos! We are back again with another guide. This time we have returned to Pokémon Go. We have been providing guides for certain Pokémon before. So to carry forward this today we are going to discuss about getting Mienfoo. So let’s start.


Have you read the name carefully? Don’t you think his name has a Kung fu feel in it? Exactly, this Pokémon is a mixture of Kung fu and ermine. This Pokémon also goes by the name Stoat. Just imagine a stoat doing Kung fu. Seriously hilarious, but it is a cool Pokémon though. It can be a perfect replacement for a fighting-type pokemon. Are you excited to get it? Fine, let’s see how can you get this Pokémon.

mienfoo pokemon go guide

Mienfoo’s Evolution:

This Pokémon is basically an evolved form of the Pokémon Mienshoa. This Pokémon was recently added to the Dex. Surprisingly these Pokémon have not been found in any raids or in the wilds. Is it usable? We also had these kinds of questions in our minds. But after a lot of research, we finally found out where to get this Pokémon. Let’s find out.

mienfoo in pokemon go

Getting it in Pokemon Go:

If you remember there are go battles in the game. No doubt you might have won a lot of battles. So when you win matches in the Go battle your GBL rises. At a particular level, you might be getting free Pokémon’s. That is the place where you can get Mienfoo. For that, you have to win a lot of matches. Make sure you do it by the end of June. You should at least reach level 5. Once you reach level 6 you will get a free spawn and it will be a Mienfoo for sure.

Post Spawn:

Once you reach a high level you will get a chance to put the Pokémon in a regular encounter pool. So if your luck game is on point then you will definitely get a Mienfoo. You are lucky enough you might get more than one Mienfoo. You can use them to evolve it into Mienshao.