Pokemon Go Guide: How to Unlock Metal Coat in the Game

By the help of this guide you will able to get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go– If you are a Pokemon lover, then it’s obvious that you want to achieve all the Pokemons in the game. While collecting all of them as a trainer, it must be a bit difficult to consider the evolved ones. It is pretty difficult to have all the evolved Pokemons because many of them need a special item to evolve.

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Metal Coat is such a special item that is needed for Scizor and Scizor and Steelix and Steelix to evolve. An additional item required by these Pokemons is Candy and all the items get consumed while they evolve. There are a lot of questions on how to get these items in the game. Well here is an answer to your question.

How to Get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go:

If you want to obtain the Metal Coat, then you need not search for it, it will come to you. Don’t be so happy with this statement, it’s not that easy. Metal Coat will be dropped in your Pokestops and Gym. You will have to regularly spin the Pokestops and wait for that lucky day when the Metal Coat finally comes to you.

Pokemon Go How to Get Metal Coat

However, the chances of getting a Metal Coat by spinning a Metal Coat is nearly 1%. Yes, it is very very low, so you have to spin the wheel at least 500 times before you get it. Even after completing 500 spins, it is not sure if you will get the Metal Coat. Even if you are lucky enough for one time,  you would have to wait for another lucky day to get the other ingredient.

Pokemon Go, 5 Items Probability:

Though there is very little probability of getting a Metal Coat by spinning a Pokestop, however, if you are also willing to have the 5 other available items, then they also have the same probability as the Metal Coat. There is no assurance of whether the Pokestop will drop the Metal Coat or any other item that would be any one of the 5 special items.

Pokemon Go, 5 Items Probability

If you are ok with any one of these items then the probability increases by 50% and you may get any one of them upon 250 spins. The 7-day streak bonus holds the highest probability of giving you a chance to grab any one of these evolution items. Thus,  keep logging in every day to increase your chances of getting an evolution item of your choice.