Easy Guide to Farm Aguav Berries in Pokemon Legends, Arceus

In Pokemon Legends, Arceus if you wanna know how to farm Aguav Berries which is used during massive outbreaks, then follow this guide.


Farm Aguav Berries – If you’ve been a part of the Pokémon universe from the beginning we are sure that you are accustomed to what berries are and how helpful they are for you in the game. Recently the Arceus players of the game Pokémon legend are enjoying their berry farming and if you want to be a part of it just keep scrolling below and we’ll help you out on how you can be the one to farm the Aguav berries.


Aguav Berries in Pokemon Legends, Arceus:

These berries are used to restore a quarter of the Pokémon’s health if the HP of your Pokémon is less than half, these berries were introduced in the game in Generation 3. The Pokémons that tend to be a bit on the naughty side are generally confused on whether to consume these or not but the ones having a positive nature will stop after having one. So, it’s better to have these along with you moreover their significance has been increased after the Daybreak update.

Why to Choose the Aguav Berries:

 If you’ve already completed the main story you can go on to start a series of requests by speaking to warden Mai which will lead to a huge outbreak of Pokémons but make sure you’re on V. 1.1.0.

Upon starting this you will have 20 Aguav berries provided to you by  Melli but five of them will be eaten by Mai’s Munchlax, but this Pokémon will help you in the identification of Pokémons in the outbreak thus Aguav berries serve you the purpose of identification of Pokémons in the mass outbreak.

Pokemon Legends Arceus - How to Farm Aguav Berries Here’s How to Farm Aguav Berries:

You can go with either of the two ways to farm the Aguav berries :

  • You need to complete the request “Help wanted to water the fields” that’s available after the “Help wanted: plowing the fields” in the cobalt coastlands that will provide you with the option to have access to the berry field situated in the Jubilife Village. and if you’ll get to choose between Regular and special filed if you’re on V.1.1.0 but keep in mind that you’ll need 20k poke dollars to access the special filed and even the berries grown here depend upon your luck so you might have a field of lapapa instead of Aguav.
  • You can go for the investigation of the outbreak and move over to those having an “orange berry icon”  above their head which acts as an indication of the Berry outbreak so they’ll drop berries upon being caught.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Farm Aguav Berries

Hope you get to collect a lot of Aguav berries and also don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they also have a good chance for berry farming. Also, read our guide on Alpha Pseudo Legendaries.