Resident Evil Village: Easy Guide to Locate Jack Handle & M1911

If you find Jack Handle and M1911 in Resident Evil Village, then binge this free guide.


What makes Resident Evil Village one of the most exciting games of its time? The answer would be its riddles, mysteries, etc. if you are a decent gamer then you will enjoy playing the game. Decoding the mysteries, solving riddles, clues, etc. This game is one hell of a package. So this time we are back with another guide. This time it would be the M1911 and Jack handle.

The Blocked Path in Resident Evil Village:

If you remember while returning to our village after meeting Lady Dimitrescu and her lovely daughters in Resident Evil Village, you must have received a tip. The tip would be about finding a house having a red chimney. Once you find the house you can find that the house is locked. You can get onto the house by going around the back. There you can find a big tractor blocking the back gate. There will be a jack underneath the tractor but it will not have a handle. But you can find a handle very easily.

Resident Evil Village find jack handle and M1911

The Photograph:

If you move southwest from Luzia’s house you will find a workshop. It will have a big gate and will have proper mechanical in it. The workshop is massive. If you look closely the gate of the workshop will have a sign mentioning “Don’t Enter”. You can find a small shed towards your left. You will see a photograph on the table. If you turn the photograph it would be written: “Look out the window”.

find jack handle and M1911 in Resident Evil Village

Searching the Window:

There will be a cabinet nearby. It will have a six-digit lock in it. If you decode the pic then you will understand that you will have to find a window with six digits on the machinery lying nearby. Once you find out the window and peek through it, a Lycan will attack you.

Resident Evil Village, M1911 and The Jack Handle:

Once you complete dealing with the Lycan you will find a lock. You have to enter the code 070408. After opening finally you will find your M1911 Pistol. This handgun has a rapid-fire response. And finally, you can find the jack handle.