Returnal: Grappling Hook Guide

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Returnal Grappling Hook: In Returnal, Grappling Hook is a never-ending upgrade you can unlock, like the Atropian Sword. It allows you to access new areas, which will always have some very useful things to use during the run. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Grappling Hook, including how to open and use it.

Returnal Grappling Hook

How to Unlock the Returnal Grappling Hook

Returnal Grappling Hook opened after defeating Ixion, manager of Crimson Wastes. This is the second manager in Returnal, who will be formed after defeating Prike in the Great Ruins.

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You can find Ixion by searching for the red door icon on your map. This shows that you have found the management room. Find the red door at Crimson Wastes to find Ixion.

After defeating Ixion, the cutscene will start, where Selene will pick up Returnal Grappling Hook. It will be permanently added to your list after this cut.

Returnal Grappling Hook

How to Use the Returnal Grappling Hook

Returnal Grappling Hook can be used to draw points to certain points. These are identified by bright orange lights. You can find these points at the edge of some places, or between two planks.

When you see a point of contact, point the camera at the light and press the triangle. Selene will step into the light and pull herself towards him. This allows you to access higher platforms, or turn to larger spaces.

Returnal Grappling Hook

Tips for using the Returnal Grappling Hook

Returnal Grappling Hook is a great help when looking at Atropos. If you see something on your small map, but don’t know how to access it, look for a signature orange sign indicating the points of contact. They may well hide, but they are worth a look.

Returnal Grappling Hook is very helpful during combat. If you are defeated by enemies or you are about to fight a monster that you do not know, look for a place to fight. This will give you time and space to plan your battle or escape to find a safe place.

If you want to speed up running with Grappling Hook to get to the latest biome, Grappling Hook is a great way to unlock locations. You can easily break all the rooms by holding on to one side, and then quickly slam the door to protect the enemies. Since enemies do not follow you through closed doors, you can use this to keep going through dangerous areas until you find another biome.

Use this guide to get and use Returnal Grappling Hook, until then happy gaming.