Riot’s take on further improving Valorant’s Anti-Cheat system

Terrible news for those who are paying to get boosted.


Riot Games are very serious on the current cheating problem in Valorant and they will be taking new steps to protect the game’s integrity.

We now have a broad idea on the whole scenario and Riot’s take about solving the cheating problem on Valorant’s recent blog post. Matt “K3o” Paoletti, the senior Anti-Cheat analyst from Valorant’s Anti-Cheat team, have assured us that they are working on improving the existing system to maintain the game’s integrity.

Throughout Episode 1, they have worked hard and analyzed the whole cheating process and tried adapting to it to keep the game fair. They have lived through a journey that consisted of success and failures and they have learned a lot. That’s why their main priority with Valorant’s Episode 2 is to make sure to keep the grind for the top crown legit and fair.

It’s not just the cheaters that are causing the problem, the players that are reportedly getting boosted by cheaters are to be blamed equally. These cheaters know that they will get banned by Vanguard with the reports so they charge money to boost other players, mainly a squad of four, so they can keep the rewards and ratings. This works as an investment to them as opening a new account is free in Valorant and requires only an email id, so the only money they have to spend is on the cheats software.

They make a huge profit out of it and the players that get boosted are also accountable for breaking the game’s integrity and fairness to other players. So Valorant’s Anti-Cheat team is looking to implement various measures to punish both kinds of rule-breakers.


New solutions to the Anti-Cheat system:

Riot Games is looking to implement a number of solutions to prevent and punish cheaters and the people that are being boosted.

1) 90-day penalty for “bussing” 

This is for the players that queue together with a cheater to get boosted, usually under a boosting service. Riot colloquially calls it, “ride the cheat bus on the highway to hell.” Here, the passengers are the players in-question that are in party with a cheater and the ‘hell’ here is a Ban which will last for 90 days!


2) Re-calibrating ranks for those affected by cheaters

The cheaters will get banned, the people that were getting boosted will get a 90 days ban but what compensation will the other innocent players, that are affected, will receive? Riot is looking to develop a system that will recalibrate the ratings for those who are affected by the illegitimate players. 


3) Meta-game system updates

They skill-capped the highest rank achievable in the placements and made it harder to reach Radiant to make only the deserving candidates achieve the success they deserve. This will positively impact the game’s meta to maintain its overall integrity. This will help to prevent cheaters that use their ‘birthday money’ to buy cheats and use them against legitimately talented players.

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Future Plans

The Anti-cheat system has never been perfect for any game ever and it will never be. But Valorant’s Anti-Cheat team is learning and growing by understanding their failures and success and they will continue doing so in the future to improve the system. They have also acknowledged the sad truth that ‘cheaters will always exist’ but ended the statement with ‘but they will never prosper’.


Our Thoughts

The cheating problem in Valorant is not really out of the bounds. It is under control, even better than most of the titles that have been on the top for a while. But still, there are some cases here and there that really destroys the fun from the game. The problem often gets caught in the first few moments with any obvious hacks and the match gets terminated but for the rare cases, it still persists. 

Recently Riot and Bungie have teamed up to put down a popular cheat making company ‘GatorCheats’ that cost them millions of dollars in lost revenue.


We really hope that they get through it properly so that we can enjoy and grind without being pushed down by any cheaters with huge unfair advantages. Be sure to follow us for more gaming related content, article, news, reviews and more.