Roblox: Build a Boat for Treasure Codes (May 2023)

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Roblox Boat treasure codes: It is very difficult to deny the power of sitting on the online platform Roblox, even among the most skeptical believers. Roblox recently partnered with Gucci to get the “Gucci Garden Experience,” which allows players to purchase limited Gucci items.

When not dealing with high-end branding products, the company provides monthly codes to its users, even though next month’s codes are not yet available. However, many creators at Roblox Boat treasure codes do the same during their leisure time, and that is true of the famous for Treasure.

Admittedly, Building a Boat isn’t as great as Adopt Me, though it’s still fun to play around with. In fact, players are given the task of designing their own boat, which will be able to make a variety of choices. These range from materials such as wood, snow, or metal, or other materials including balloons, windows, and frames.

Roblox Boat treasure codes

All in all, it is used to increase the durability of the boat and, once all has been said and done, the players can choose to launch their boat and start moving the levels, avoiding rocks along the way and use Roblox Boat treasure codes.

Coding the Boat is as straightforward as entering the standard Roblox Boat treasure codes, or the difference is that this happens completely in the game. Once uploaded, players will select a menu icon to the right of the screen. Here, players will select the Cog (Settings) menu, located at the far right, and scroll down until they see the ‘Release Codes’ information.

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It is important to note that these Roblox Boat treasure codes are currently only valid for May 2023, which means that any others that do not appear on this list should be considered invalid or otherwise valid. Additionally, it can help Roblox players to copy codes directly from the list or ensure that any code typed exactly as it is here, or may not work.

Roblox Boat treasure codes

Build a Roblox Boat treasure codes in May 2023


Hi – grants players free gold

Lurking Legend – grants players free blocks

Be a big f00t print – grants players free blocks

Squid Army – grants 22 gold along with 22 Ice Blocks

chilltrill709 was here – grants players free blocks

fuzzy friend? – grants players free blocks

=D – grants players 5 gold

=P – grants players 5 gold


If Building a Boat is not only exciting for the players, that is not a problem at all. Roblox is known for having games ranging from welcoming pets to drawn fights that attract popular anime shows. In other words, there is simply no easy way to get bored with what the platform offers.

Use this Roblox Boat treasure codes to build boat, until then happy gaming.

Roblox Boat treasure codes