Subnautica: How To Build A Fire Extinguisher And It’s Use

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Subnautica Fire Extinguisher: Surviving in Subnautica will be a challenging task. You should check everywhere with the Planet 4546B cranny to find resources, supplies, and basic items like food or oxygen. But if you want to make it come alive and find out what really happened on this planet, you will have to learn how a Subnautica artisan works.

These mechanics will be an important test and survival game. Drawing will allow you to do important things like new cars, tools, tools, or the whole foundation. This way, as you continue to want to get into the game, you will have to do a lot of things.

And while propulsions canons or Seatruck are just things you can look forward to doing in a survival game taking place in the ocean world, the Subnautica Fire Extinguisher may not have been in your ten. However, as you continue the Subanutica conspiracy, Firefighters must be perfect, and that is why.

Subnautica Fire Extinguisher

Why Build a Subnautica Fire Extinguisher

Like the ones you can find in real life, Subnautica Fire Extinguisher are the tools you will use to put out fires. And of course, the game takes place in the ocean world, but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter other fires here and there.

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For example, the Cyclopedia can only carry so much damage (it has 1,500 places after all), and if the vehicle continues to receive damage after an unplanned shipwreck, fires will occur at random places inside the ship. If you don’t take care of them, the fire will spread quickly, causing damage to your character (due to smoke and flames), and reduced visibility.

Subnautica Fire

In addition, you will eventually be able to explore Aurora. However, this will happen after a big explosion, so the spacecraft will have fires that you will need to put out using Subnautica Fire Extinguisher before it can pass.

Some uses of this item have and may not be considered. Just as the Redditor shows, you can use the Subnautica Fire Extinguisher to move your character by pointing the underwater object and activating it. And while this works, there are better ways to get around the game (like using Seaglide) without wasting CO2 cartridges.


How to Build a Subnautica Fire Extinguisher

You can create Subnautica Fire Extinguisher using Fabricator. All you will need is three pieces of Titanium, and the construction process will take three seconds.

Titanium is a raw material that you can use a lot while playing this game because it is an important ingredient when designing tools, equipment, cars and seabase modules.

Use this guide to create and use Subnautica Fire Extinguisher, until then happy gaming.